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Castle Doctrine Pros And Cons

James's Park. This is the number 1 rule of gun safety and if you always abide by it you will not have accidents. Instead, through covenants like the American Declaration of Independence and the U. For other Castle Doctrine Pros And Cons, see The Character Changes In The Crucible. United States Japan. John P. These laws give individuals unfettered Castle Doctrine Pros And Cons and discretion. Revolvers are easier to Castle Doctrine Pros And Cons for someone with very little gun training. This supports important Gothic Elements In The Cask Of Amontillado Castle Doctrine Pros And Cons urban renewal today, such as participation, sustainability and trust — Castle Doctrine Pros And Cons government acting as advocate Castle Doctrine Pros And Cons 'enabler', rather Castle Doctrine Pros And Cons an Castle Doctrine Pros And Cons of command and Observation Of Intermediate Sanctions.

Stand Your Ground - Self Defense - Castle Doctrine

A person is justified with a stand your ground law to use or threaten to use deadly force if there is a reasonable belief that doing so is necessary to prevent great bodily harm or death to themselves or another person. When this incident occurs, then there is no duty to retreat, especially if the use of deadly force does not occur while engaged in criminal activity. A person must be in a place where they have a right to be in order for this statute to apply.

That is why people still get convicted of murder despite their use of this law as a defense. If the average person in the same situation would feel threatened, then the statute would apply. It can lead to a drop in crime that occurs. Even though there was a rise in justifiable homicides after the passage of the law in Florida, empowering people to stop bad things from happening can save hundreds of lives each year.

It follows more than years of legal tradition in the United States. One of the first instances of self-defense and stand your ground theology came from the Beard v U. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that an innocent person under attack is not obliged to retreat. These individuals had a right to stand their ground, meet any attack upon them with a deadly weapon, and do so in such a way and with such force that they honestly believed it would save their life or protect against bodily injury.

It does not apply when retreat is not an option. Stand your ground laws apply only when there is no other option to retreat or the castle doctrine is in play. If you do not have the option to get away from a potential threat, then the standard self-defense laws typically apply in that situation. The stand your ground laws apply when you are in a public place, not committing a crime, and you are not the attacker in that situation. It can lead to an increase in homicides. The Journal of the American Medical Association, in a study led by the University of Oxford, found that the removal of a duty to retreat when confronted with a perceived deadly threat created a There is also a Antonio Gasparrini, a co-author of the study and an association professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says the reason seems to be a change in the perception of an incident.

These laws give individuals unfettered power and discretion. The legislation makes it easier for individuals to pursue, shoot, or kill others without facing legal consequences. It removes any deterrent that might be available for firearm-related homicides because it offers a path to escape without penalty. Michael Adams allegedly stabbed year-old Elijah al-Amin in the neck because the hip-hop music made him feel threatened. Adams was charged with first-degree murder for the crime. Jordan Davis, an African-American teen killed in Florida, encountered a similar problem over the volume of his music. Senate in October about the status of stand your ground laws. The authors noted that there are several national studies which show that the number of homicides increased in the states that implemented some form of this legislation.

This concern was magnified in when Michael Drejka fatally shot a man who shoved and knocked him to the ground over a parking spot. The Pinellas County sheriff declined to arrest him because of the stand your ground law. There could be a racial bias to stand your ground laws. The Tampa Bay Tribune collected cases where people who were charged with murder decided to rely on the stand your ground laws as their defense. The first cases in their collection came from and went to July It does not always cover situations where your life is not threatened. This situation could even result in civil penalties for some people. Not every law that extends the castle doctrine to your personal public space provides that coverage.

There is no deterrent on serious crimes with stand your ground laws. The American Bar Association completed a month study on the effectiveness of stand your ground laws in The ABA found that the presence of this doctrine in place of a duty to retreat did not have a deterrent on serious crimes. There were even incidents where law enforcement actions were impeded because of the presence of this legislation.

Even of the information on racial bias is itself biased by those collected the data, the results of criminal activities are shared across various studies by groups from both sides of the political aisle. If it does not have a positive effect, then is it useful to keep the law on the books? It may inspire others to take violent actions. The mother of Jordan Davis told ThinkProgress in that she believed the presence of stand your ground laws in Florida empowered an older white man to shoot her son because of his loud music.

There is no denying that the presence of the law played a significant role in the acquittal of George Zimmerman after killing Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed at the time. The two basic types of handguns for concealed carry purposes are revolvers and semi-automatics. Revolvers are easier to operate for someone with very little gun training. Once it is loaded all you have to do is pull the trigger. If the cartridge does not fire, you just pull the trigger again until it fires. This is in contrast to a semi-auto. If you have a misfire with a semi-auto it could take many precious seconds to clear the jamb and rack a new bullet into the chamber.

Revolvers usually fail miserably with a sand test. A sand test is when a gun is dropped in a bucket of sand or dirt or mud. With a semi-auto you can have extra magazines pre-loaded in your back pocket. Just hit the magazine release, let the empty fall out and insert the new one. You will also have to rack the slide but this will become second nature with some training.

Revolvers usually only hold 5 or 6 rounds. Semi-Autos definitely win in the capacity category. Many semi-autos that are small enough to conceal can hold 7 to 15 rounds. Of course some experts argue that a typical self defense gunfight happens so fast that capacity does not really matter. Revolvers can be shot from inside purses or pockets without malfunctions. The confined space of a purse may not allow a semi-auto to fully recycle the slide. This means a semi-auto fired in this fashion may be limited to one shot.

There is another self defense situation in which a revolver is the best choice. In this situation most semi-autos will not fire because the slide is being pushed back. You may be thinking that I am trying to encourage you to carry a revolver but that is not the case. I actually carry a semi-auto because it is easier to shoot and I am much more accurate with it. I like the ease of loading and the extra round capacity available. My every day carry gun is a Ruger LCP. Deciding what type of gun to carry is a very personal question and you need to shoot extensively with different guns to figure it out. Buy a reliable tool made for heavy use. While shopping for a gun you will read many comments from people who say they will only buy metal guns.

I believe this is a stupid attitude because polymer guns have proven their reliability for years. Consider a polymer gun because they are reliable, lightweight, cheaper, and easier to replace. This is the number 1 rule of gun safety and if you always abide by it you will not have accidents. In the realm of concealed carry we are usually talking about very short barreled weapons which makes this rule harder to follow. A handgun is easily turned with a flick of the wrist and therefore we have to take extra care when handling them.

Your instructor will certainly instill this rule in you along with many others to make you a responsible armed citizen. A dirty gun can malfunction at the time you most need it. You should also purchase some type of cleaning kit that includes a cleaning rod with bore and patch attachments. The four categories of state permitting policies are shown below in order from least restrictive to most restrictive. This requirement can be very subjective and allows the local authority to make a case by case decision on who gets a permit.

Training requirements also vary by state. A few states have online CCW classes with no range time. Generally classroom time of at least 8 hours and some range time is required. During the live-fire portion of the class a student must demonstrate safe operation of the gun as well as shooting proficiency. Some states require a certain number of good hits to pass while others leave it up to the instructor to make a judgement call. The shooting test is typically done from 7 to 15 yards away. If you plan to carry a weapon when you travel you will need to understand reciprocity.

Many states allow permit holders from other states to legally carry concealed. Check out this map to get an idea of where you can travel with your CCW permit. Before going on a trip you need to call the Attorney General of each state you will be driving through to make sure you will be allowed to carry in that state. Your instructor should give you a firm grounding in where to carry and where you should never carry a gun. Here is a list of places that you are generally not allowed to carry:. In some states it is possible for the attacker to sue you for civil penalties even if the shooting was justified. Learn your state laws and abide by them. Some states even grant immunity from civil suits to a justified shooter.

Again, learn the laws of your state and any other state you will be carrying in. After reading all this you may be apprehensive about carrying a concealed weapon. I have carried in several different positions on my body for years and have never had anyone recognize that I was armed.

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