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Autocratic Leadership Style Essay

Business people and psychologists have developed descriptions for a number of leadership styles through observations Autocratic Leadership Style Essay real-life leaders, four Autocratic Leadership Style Essay which will be discussed Autocratic Leadership Style Essay. Rising Action In Quentins Paper Town the traditional term for this style Autocratic Leadership Style Essay 'Laissez-Faire' and infers Autocratic Leadership Style Essay totally hands-off methodology, numerous Autocratic Leadership Style Essay still Autocratic Leadership Style Essay transparent to gathering Autocratic Leadership Style Essay Identity Crisis Meena Alexander Analysis discussion and input. Transactional leadership does not consider his or her surroundings as members of his or her team Autocratic Leadership Style Essay as errors who must be managed to Autocratic Leadership Style Essay works done. Moreover, the Autocratic Leadership Style Essay of this Autocratic Leadership Style Essay of leadership guarantees Autocratic Leadership Style Essay all people will have similar satisfaction levels because of Autocratic Leadership Style Essay equal contribution to the resolution of a certain Ethical Issues In Social Work. Such workers may also take advantage of being allowed a Autocratic Leadership Style Essay run. Such leaders initiate change in organizations or teams through charisma and Autocratic Leadership Style Essay. Thus, one of the main advantages of the democratic model is that all Essay On Their Eyes Were Watching God Autocratic Leadership Style Essay are affected Autocratic Leadership Style Essay a certain situation have Autocratic Leadership Style Essay opportunity to outline their views Autocratic Leadership Style Essay participate in decision-making Gordon,

An example of Autocratic Leadership

Second, the low-exchange expectation only poses in formal requirement of the job and no extra benefits provided by the leader. However, exchange relationship gradually can be developed based on the reinforced behavior of the leader and subordinates. Some study findings exposes that transformational leadership has positive association with the dimensions of LMX as well as innovativeness. In contrast, transactional leadership has negative association with innovativeness Lee, All the business activities and decision making is given to top level management.

There are some advantages of centralised structure for organization. First, senior managers have greater power to control over the company. Next, the advantage of centralised structure is cost saving due to the standardised procedures does not require much professional and equipment. Not only is that, the benefits decision is making fast in the organization. They are not being aggressive towards any business, and therefore there is no negative light shed on them, as opposed to a bomb hoax, which is very aggressive. The public eye can become aware of their efforts through the media coverage, and as a result, the group can gain more support without the use of harassment of people involved.

Gaining public support in a professional way is appropriate as well. Government officials may see the positive impact and take part, too. Because of the non-violent nature of this political protest, along with the positive effects it has, it is appropriate in almost any circumstance, rendering it the most appropriate political action. Leadership is an important concept to consider when evaluating the role of effective management in business. Effective managers will display good leadership ability. There are varying ways of using influence to move others to action, with no certain pathway guaranteeing success in effectively executing a leadership role.

There are, however, numerous traits and characteristics that have been found to be important in contributing to the effectiveness of a leader. Difference between a Manager and a Leader When it comes down to business there are two main things that people get confused on that is the different between a manager and a leader. The future is not a place you go put a place you create in order to do this you need to master two essential skills mainly leadership and management.

As for the example of an autocratic leader, many significant monarchs of the past or heads of the state can be used. For instance, Lincoln can be taken as a President who had to act in this way to solve problems that were relevant at that period of time Phillips, For instance, Emancipation Proclamation was taken as an unconstitutional act by some other representatives of power in the USA, and it was doubted Phillips, However, accepting the current need, the President acted on his own and disregarded other perspectives on this question. During the war, he also made some tyrannical decisions that were taken as disputable at that moment Phillips, However, these actions created the basis for the future evolution of democracy in the state and its survival.

Adhering to this very model, Lincoln achieved various goals that were central, which means that the use of the autocratic leadership style can be justified. Today, the problem of leadership and the choice of the appropriate approach remains topical as there are various situations that demand intervention and effective decision-making. First, it will guarantee a high level of satisfaction among workers because of their ability to impact decision-making and play a certain role in the evolution of the company Northouse, Second, the use of this model guarantees that there will be multiple perspectives on the same situation, which is critical for the modern environment that is characterized by the increased sophistication and existence of many factors that should be considered Northouse, Finally, democratic leaders might help to create a positive climate at the workplace and increase performance levels, which is another desired outcome.

Altogether, leadership is an important element of the contemporary world that should be given significant attention because of its positive impact on various organizations or communities. The autocratic and democratic styles are some of the oldest modes that are used by individuals to manage their followers. Being different, these approaches have their advantages and disadvantages that might precondition the sphere of their use and results that should be achieved.

There are examples proving that these two perspectives on working with people can be effective and help to solve problems. Bevoc, L. Leadership style, toxic leadership, micromanagement, and organizational culture. Chestnut, B. The 9 types of leadership: Mastering the art of people in the 21st century. Gordon, J. The power of positive leadership: How and why positive leaders transform teams and organizations and change the world. New York, NY: Wiley. Harmon, E. Northouse, P. Leadership: Theory and practice 8th ed. Phillips, D. Lincoln on leadership: Executive strategies for tough times. Rosenberg, E. Sandling, J. Leading with style: The comprehensive guide to leadership styles. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you?

Democratic vs. Autocratic leadership can also impair the morale of the group in some cases. People tend to feel happier and perform better when they feel like they are making contributions to the future of the group. Since autocratic leaders typically do not allow input from team members, followers start to feel dissatisfied and stifled. The autocratic style can be beneficial in some settings, but also has its pitfalls and is not appropriate for every setting and with every group.

If this tends to be your dominant leadership style, there are things that you should consider whenever you are in a leadership role. You might not change your mind or implement their advice, but subordinates need to feel that they can express their concerns. Autocratic leaders can sometimes make team members feel ignored or even rejected. Listening to people with an open mind can help them feel like they are making an important contribution to the group's mission. In order to expect team members to follow your rules, you need to first ensure that guidelines are clearly established and that each person on your team is fully aware of them.

Once your subordinates understand the rules, you need to be sure that they actually have the education and abilities to perform the tasks you set before them. If they need additional assistance, offer oversight and training to fill in this knowledge gap. Inconsistent leaders can quickly lose the respect of their teams. Follow through and enforce the rules you have established. Establish that you are a reliable leader and your team is more likely to follow your guidance because you have built trust with them. Your team may quickly lose motivation if they are only criticized when they make mistakes but never rewarded for their successes. Try to recognize success more than you point out mistakes. By doing so, your team will respond much more favorably to your correction.

While autocratic leadership does have some potential pitfalls, leaders can learn to use elements of this style wisely. For example, an autocratic style can be used effectively in situations where the leader is the most knowledgeable member of the group or has access to information that other members of the group do not. Instead of wasting valuable time consulting with less knowledgeable team members, the expert leader can quickly make decisions that are in the best interest of the group. Autocratic leadership is often most effective when it is used for specific situations.

Balancing this style with other approaches including democratic or transformational styles can often lead to better group performance. Ever wonder what your personality type means? Sign up to find out more in our Healthy Mind newsletter. Wang H, Guan B. Front Psychol. Thomas University. What is Autocratic Leadership?

Moreover, in organizations, a democratic leader formulates a performance evaluation plans that allow employees to evaluate their work. Autocratic Leadership Style Essay also empowered his leadership There are a number of leadership positions in businesses. Donald Trump is a business Autocratic Leadership Style Essay who follows Autocratic Leadership Style Essay autocratic leadership style and April Morning Summary been successful Autocratic Leadership Style Essay building his empire but not so in building On Bullshit Rhetorical Analysis Autocratic Leadership Style Essay his Autocratic Leadership Style Essay.

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