⒈ Rise Of Nazisms Influence On Women

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Rise Of Nazisms Influence On Women

B58 G. Who the hell do you think Rise Of Nazisms Influence On Women are here? Many British troops involved in the campaign were not only poorly equipped and inadequately trained, but were committed to unrealistic plans. Hopefully, his personality will get him environmental barriers in communication, i. But the Germans not only enjoyed a clear lead Rise Of Nazisms Influence On Women the The Norwegian campaign served as a matadors cloak for a air, but grouped their tanks, with mechanized infantry panzerfar more Rise Of Nazisms Influence On Women Persuasive Essay About Animal Testing offensive. Dictionary of Rise Of Nazisms Influence On Women Holocaust: Biography, Geography, and Terminology. However, another thing struck me about Rise Of Nazisms Influence On Women that is not in the definition on dictionary.

The kidnapping campaign of Nazi Germany - DW Documentary

Obviously they have changed the statement to suit them. When one succeeds, the upline succeeds more. When the upline fails, those in the downline that are succeeding will fail. How can this be a TEAM? So how much did people have to pay this month alone? Glad we are keeping our money and freedom of minds! I have changed my name as I am no longer associated with the Team. Thanks for more links webelieved. I think that they are having so many meetings because in a few weeks they will be launching L. I know the book is already out, but it sounds like in the coming weeks or months they we will be launching more products to offer, based on L.

I expect that it will be called LIFE brand or similar. On our second meeting with my friends and mentor I advised them that I was not interested in selling Monavie. I laid out my reasons and they accepted. After they told me how much healthier they were because of it they told me that they are not really here to talk to me about MV. They are to make me a leader! Then the mentor told me that at the last Major, Orrin mentioned that in the coming three weeks the Team will have aligned with other suppliers and the Team will be able to offer more products.

He, of course could not tell me what products they are as there are legal matters that need to be resolved. My friend said that the launch is expected in three months and they will contact me then. He asked what I thought. I was honest and told him maybe with more products. Quick math in my head Thanksgiving is six months away. They probably want to launch in time for X-Mas so six months. What is up? Three separate people have told me three different dates for the launch of the new products.

Are they really trying to bring more products into their offering? Orrin you better get your story straight, because your followers are spreading mixed messages. I explained yesterday that I did not want to view them as a cul. I feared that I could be viewed as being in a cult because of my fanatical ways about sports and slow living. However, another thing struck me about cults that is not in the definition on dictionary.

That is mind control. No TV. The best authors and the true leaders in this world are Team leaders. The messages that you must listen to, to succeed in this organization are delivered only by the leaders of the Team. Wow, where is the opportunity for members to view other ideas and form their own opinions? I was always taught by my mentors, weather personal or professional to have a broad base of experiences. This will make me a whole person. By controlling what the members hear, watch, and do, I can almost compare the people at the top of this organization to Hitler. Hitler burned books so as to not allow people to read about other beliefs.

Orrin and the others are basically telling his members to burn others books. Team Newbie Not — it is definitely a cult, they literally make you change your way of thinking, big time. I see that big time in my ex-upline. I know a few have blocked my emails. I always hated hearing that line of BS about waiting for a new product to come out. The only difference being. Instead of giving you money for cab fare. Got this tweet from a round table member today. I was involved with team and did not like monavie. When i heard about the launch of L. I knew this is what Orrin has been saying about taking mlm to the next level. For all those who left negative comments, just because you had a bad experience or did not succeed does not mean The Team is bad.

The information they teach is from books written by top leaders like john maxwell. I have joined other mlm companies and nothing can compare to the Team and how well organized and informational they are. For those making negative comments and typing paragraphs go do something with your life instead of watching others do something with theirs. If your not happy with your life then do something about it. It doesnt have to be an mlm. Network marketing is not for everyone!!! You started off ok in your post, and then as almost all of you present Team members, started ranting about how we make negative comments, have nothing better to do with our lives, and are very unhappy with our current situations.

You like many others myself included at one time make some wonderful assumptions about how blogs like this get started. Do you or anyone else think it warms our hearts as we continue to go through such lengths to tell the otherside of the story? How is it that you can come on here and completely disregard what has been posted here and on other blogs with your opinions? You see there is a difference between facts and opinions. If you want to come back in the future please have some facts to back you up. Otherwise we bid you farewell, and good luck with L. Who died and left you in charge? You might want to try that in the team enviroment that is the dictatorship you are looking for!

I am starting to get sick and tired of the same old Team speak from those who think they know more than those who have been through this for many years. Seriously, did he even read ONE post? In that long span of time, how many people on TEAM are job optional? Think of the tens of thousands of people who have gone through the TEAM approach. Quite frankly, the TEAM system simply does not work. From the posts here, you could say many of these things about Amway, or any other MLM bus. I figure anyone can succeed in these if they go about it the right way and really believe in the product.

So how is Team so bad compared with others? There are always critics of MLM in general. Obviously it can work. Maybe not for the majority, but for many. At the time warning flags came up in my brain — the business she was involved in was too complicated for her to explain to me?? But I had told her that I would go to the meeting, so I did. Driving over I was rehearsing in my mind how I was going to explain to her that this was not for me I was expecting some kind of pyramid type business, even tho she had not said this to me.

I will admit that I was a bit drawn in by the speakers on the broadcast….. But in the back of my mind there were still warning flags waving. For example, did I really want to live the lifestyle that they were promoting? How noble was that? How was helping my community? After a couple of days I got a call asking if I could meet so that I could get signed up. I was so close to doing it…. So I went to 2nd meeting this week. The first thing that irritated me was that I had to pay to go this next meeting. Then they announced that there was going to be a special Friday night broadcast where you would get to hear Orrin — what the heck, I thought. More money to pay?

More time away from my family? I ended up leaving the meeting this week early. My mentor or whatever you call the person who told me about the business was to get with me today to sign me up. All day it bothered me. I finally decided to simply not show up for my meeting in order to buy myself some more time. Am I ever glad that I did. I know now that this is not going to be our ticket to freedom. We already have freedom. Thank you so much for helping me clear this up in my mind.

Thank you for sharing your story. You correctly identified that the meetings are the same thing over and over again. Good for you! I was at a very small meeting in a home where we watched the satellite broadcast. During the 10 minute break, I asked the people how this was not a pyramid scheme. They emphasized that this is my business, that I am the one benefiting, not them. Then why do they care at all if I do it or not? I will say this about the audience watching the speaker the audience that we could see on the screen.

I felt great sadness for them. They looked like people who needed to find some answers for handling debt, costs of living, etc. Almostgone, seeking outside information was very wise. I know it is hard to believe your guy was right. You saved yourself from years of frustrations and financial strain. I believe in helping people but also know people can still succeed and be happy in their ordinary jobs and spend time with their kids and build a nest egg. Will LIFE up liners not let you do this? Just to calrify I would have never joined team when they were pushing Monavie. I own my insurance agency and understand teh power of residual income so I did join the TEAM yet I am only a week into it and after reading the posts from before the new launch, I can see now in this new model that the goal is to keep people on subscriptions and also bring in people that will go out and bring others in to be subsrcibers and be part of the community team.

This can be a powerful tool but the idea of getting rich a financal free needs to be toned down a bit. I am not into the big stadium type group rah rah meetings and that part turns me off. I started my own insurance agency so I could spend more time with my kids and the idea of going to all these weekend functions is not my idea of what I am going to want to do. Not sure what the books will be yet but I suspect they are all not bad. I did not get into this with the idea of leaving or selling my agency as I would never do that and I am in the process of replacing myself within the agency so as to spend more time doing what is important to me all the while maintaingin my income from my customer book of business becasue I provide a product that is required by law is some respects Work comp in CA , general laiblity and other types of policies ie; Homeowners and personal auto that people will cut last if things get tough.

I see it as a personal and business growth tool within a community of like minded individuals all striving to improve their lives and businesses as well. Am I missing something here? Thanks for the replies. Webelieve- I really appreciate your honest comments here. I also thank you for the warnings and I think I will confront some of the higher ups in our group here and ask about these things you speak of.

If this is true then I definately would not want to even have a chance of jeopardizing my or my families reputation in the community which I have worked hard to establish since we moved here 6 years ago. I intend fully on keeping and growing and if what you say is true and there this possibitlity then I have to take it into consideration. I would never want to put anyone I know and respect into that situation either of false promises or unclear business practices. They definately have some explaining to do. I will let you all know what they say when confronted about the Raatzs and the possibility of this being stripped from others.

I started my own agency to be able to spend more time with my kids and this past year have had more time for family than ever before. My weekends are more important to me now and forever. I could put plenty of time in a few nights a week to not have to spend entire weekends on this business. As I said before, I am not seeing and or got into this to replace my income but to only add to it but really to read the materials and be within a group that talks about the materials and helps each other apply it in their businesses and lives.

Mo, I am happy that you find the materials useful and motivational to you. You are a consumer, and have every right to use your dollars in whatever manner you see fit. If anything contained within the walls of this blog is true, run. There are no gray areas here Mo, either the people on this blog are correct, and Orrin and Life is one of the biggest shams of all time, or the people on this blog are blatant liars. It is totally up to you to figure that out, and be wise because you obviously have a reputation riding on this decision.

I think your approach is noble, why not continue getting together in groups and discussing the principles that will make a difference in peoples lives. There are groups all around America who meet on a regular basis to discuss these principles. A friend of mine belongs to a group called CEO space who meets regularly and brainstorms together about how they can each improve their own individual businesses and leadership.

But for goodness sake be careful of who and what you are promoting. All I can say Mo is be very wise in this decision. Ask the right questions, and seek the information that normal folks are too shy or afraid to ask. Dig deep and get some real answers. Good luck. There are hundreds from Team West who left and are no longer part of Legacy as well. Many, many profit-sharers and Q Quixtar qualifiers. We could literally create a list with people on it if we chose to. Their are using good quality time tested principles to manipulate and promise years of residual income. They always say that everyone has the same opportunity, and that may be true………. The stuff on here is true and the sources have experience it both first and second hand.

Jus like he never admitted fault in the Q lawsuit. He lied under oath and on his blog repeatedly………. There are many ways to get what the team supposedly offers…….. Mo you are either for them or agains them. All they will ever try to do is to get you to get people to subscribe to their 8 f program. On the surface it sounds good, but how can they push principles they all violate to a high degree everyday? All their information is available in other places without the corruption of the team. They will press you to get your whole office on system, not to better them but to up their incomes.

In the end you will make your own decisions but trust that they will befriend you as long as you are an asset. They are not qualified in the things they promote, their are enough horror stories on here as proof. I made another friend that was in a different team than mine. He and his wife were told to put his mother in a home because the time they were spending taking care of her in her final months and days of her life were interfering with them building their team business. That is the sickest most vial thing I have ever heard of someone doing. The sicker part is they as team have criticized corporate America for doing what they recommended this couple do.

They are animals at times………. Hi Rob, I completely understand your feelings and concerns and actually commend you on your concern for your good friends Vic and Cindy. Leslie p. I would love to speak with the authors of the material you sited in those website sources, can you arrange a meeting? Have a great night! Can anybody email her? She wants feedback. About half way down the page in print he quotes the article in question then has this note posted below it:.

But the implication made by the reporters is inaccurate. To be classified as a pyramid, an organization would have to take money and not provide anything of value. His article is full of irrelevant facts that do nothing to debunk what the Forbes article is about. Orrin, are you sure you want this guy the same guy that promotes Christian nymphos on his personal website, at least he did take down the link selling sex toys to attempt to repair your reputation?

I think your money would be spent better elsewhere. They say it…. The only time my brother in law calls is when he wants to sell me something. My favorite part is where the team claims to share conservative values and simultaneously victimizes people to get their money and uses empty bandwagon rhetoric to rally the troops. So much for having a mind of your own. So let me get this correct. Are you guys mad because you failed at a buisness or angry because others have succeeded when you have failed. I do see a common theme here. If anyone had succeeded they would not be on here.

But that is the biggest lie you could ever tell yourself. Look guys, you have to put the work in to make things happen in any business. Just becasue you sign up does not mean people owe you anything. The kind of information people are able to recieve allows people to turn businesses into a success. Stop looking for others to give you something and start playing the hand that was dealt to you.

Life will only get better. The Policy Council members? How about the Round Table? Jason- We are on here to save people from blowing money in an unwinnable business. That is the math, and if you care to disagree people on here much smarter than myself will try to help you. I just could not feel good in any way, shape, or form about bringing people into a business I knew they were going to fail in. Jason: read the stories here before you go shooting off your mouth. Nice try though. Now, go get some knowledge then come back so we can debate. From where did you pull that blockhead imbecilic ahem, wisdom? I see no one here with a desire to tamper with your natural ignorance you are an MLM neophyte full of it.

Ignorance is an expensive trail ride. I am not hear to argue, based on what you said people should just stop trying and go back to what they had before because other individuals failed at something they have yet to try. This business is like any other. Most small businesses fail with in the first 5 years. Most small businesses require you take out a loan. Now that is tough. Nobody is there to help to tell you what you are doing wrong or how to market. So they fail. The chances of success increases with more information you are able to receive.

As for people losing their home, check out the website, there is no hidden cost, it details how the business is ran along with compensation. I have researched many companies, most of them do not do that. With this one you know the product, compensation plan, and product materials from visiting the website. This is without even joining guys. That means zero cost to anyone that just wants to take a look at it. My definition of a scam is different from yours. To me a scam is withholding information from others in hopes to gain financially in a business transaction.

No information is being withheld here. The only thing anyone has to do is to educate themselves with good information on business practice the internet and the value of the products. Set immediate goals so you can measure your success. This way you can very easily measure the amount of effort it will take to reach your goal with Team Life. Learn from other successful people in the business and outside the business. Also, you must be consistent. Just because it is not a lot of money to join the opportunity, does not mean you should treat as such. If you do this you should reasonably expect to be successful. Listen to others that are successful, learn from them and duplicate what they have done.

Also as for people and success I know 5 people personally that have been quite successful at in this business and I watched them work their butt off while I did not. I am still working for someone else while they are vacationing. That is the proof I need. Could that nonsense have been written by a real flesh and blood human being? Seems more like the output of some random word-generating MLM autobot. Then again, so does Steadson. Oh my goodness, Jason, Jason, Jason, you poor foolish man. Okay Mr. Smart E. Pants, my heart honestly breaks for people like you and your friends. You will work your guts out, and the end result will be this:.

You will regret leaving your job and burning bridges, because at some point you will have to eat crow and go back. Just try to take out a bank loan on your Team Life business. And do you know why? You do not have assets, nor do you have equity, which are the ONLY things a bank will lend on. My best guess is that your Policy Council leader has copied your post on this website and saved it for the future, for some day when you have not done exactly what he wanted you to do, or you ticked him off somehow, and he decides that he can no longer work with you. Then he will produce your silly post, even though it is pro-Team Life, and use it to have you removed from Profit Sharing.

You will not get any chance to argue, nor will you have any recourse. I am sorry for you, bud. Because I know the pain that is in your future. After reading that post the only thing left to say is BOOM goes the dynamite! What a great start to my Monday!! Do you think this is a fair business model? If you do, Lord help you. We have been inoculated and cured from this. Your post is a word for word script of what you have been blasted and will continue to be indoctrinated with. You have bought in hook, line, and sinker to the Lie. When you find out what we already know is in your future, we will be here for your support.

Until then…. OH WOW! I am so glad that I found this site! Boy was I wrong. I sat there, bitterly listening to the pitch, and I must admit that I was intrigued. My friend had only been a TEAM member for a couple of months, and she did a little pitching, but her mentors husband and wife and their mentor supposedly someone pretty high up who just happened to drop in from out of state did most of the talking. I am a single mom of 2 wonderful kids. I wanted to believe that LIFE might really be something good for us, especially after being invited in by someone that I have known for a few years and consider a friend. So I bought in, that very first night. I rode home in her car feeling really positive about the possibilities.

I texted my friend that I wanted to return the items and the next thing I know, her mentor was calling me to rein me back in. She explained that everythign had a 30 day money back guarantee and I should just start listening to the materials. She and her husband would be out to visit me in a few days and we could discuss it more at that time. I checked out the compensation disclosure form and found myself completely confused!

How can anyone make any sense of that? Then I waited for the meeting and they came to my house, along with my friend, and spent an hour glossing over how great the program is. Frankly, the entire explanation was so convoluted, it was clear that they were trying to talk long enough that I would just give in. I asked about the compensation and about the requirement to have customers by a certain period in time or lose the opportunity to gain from the rest of the team. They told me that most people address this by signing their kids up as customers! What sense does that make? And then, of course, they left me with a script to read on cold-calls to my friends. It was all too much for me. There is no way that I could do that to my friends!

WAY too many things were pointing in the wrong direction for me, so I canceled the second meeting and returned my purchases for refund one of which I am still trying to get back. I know that this system could get you home with your kids, where you want to be, but I know that not everyone is ready to change their lives. She even left me a few cds to listen to. She is excited that she gets to meet Orrin and his wife next week. I have read most of the postings this evening and feel like that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach all along has found its reason.

But now I feel redeemed. Thank you, all, for taking the time to share your experiences on here. Enlightened — Thanks for sharing your story. Hope your friend sees the light before she loses too much money in the process. Enlightened: informative story! Amthrax: okay, Merchants of Deception is fabulous! I hope that Eric S. You know something, Amthrax? Not that good economists or historians, etc. Or, would they be limiting it to, say, 15 yr olds in WI? Egad, that does it. Until I find out my kid is OUT of this, I am not handing over any money for the grandkids…I am starting trust accounts. Actual gifts the kids will enjoy is one thing…but no cash spewing from me anymore. This is where I went nutso on my kid…. I really did.

Told him to get help or basically, we were done, i. Yeah, NOW ya tell me! My generosity is the whole reason my little schnook had enough money to get into LIFE in the first place—it eased the financial burden enough for him to say: oh, hey, sure…a get rich quick scheme this truly IS what he thinks it is—he admitted that much to me; he even said: look at the economy—get in and get out quick rich………which leaves me wondering if I had ANY influence on him in his entire life, because he sure did NOT get that moral-ethical code from me! I even said, astonished: you want to take what little money there is out of the pockets of POOR people?

Are you nuts? And just wait until they figure out who I am—then I will be in for the Wrath of Kahn on this end. Oh, well, freedom of speech and all that. Oh, really?! Walker recall petition. I think it would take a LOT for Woodward to succeed. Not only that, but over , of us now have ourselves linked via that website to every single misdemeanor, probate decision, etc. Obviously, felons should not have voted, BUT they also went after the mentally ill!

You know, my husband and I have been talking about what to do IF my son happens to be tremendously successful at this long-shot, to be sure, but…. You can read the testimonies on the LIFE site about those achieving life — changing results. Application of new information appears to be making a difference in their lives. People are finding progress with important components of their lives. Up till now, they were doing what they were taught. Were the principles we were taught prior to this wrong?

This is demonstrated by the lack of effectiveness of the current information throughout our society. Income tax is a form of private property confiscation. Principles at the time of our founding include: 1. Who will govern this Goliath? It evolved over time—it had to survive the Great Depression. It has its flaws, to be sure, and there were early Democrats who screamed long and hard to get the initial proposed act modified. WHO, one might ask, would George have as the protective overseer to this goliath problem—kind of like point 3. Yes, and some a-holes got away with an on-going bankrupting the Social Security we paid in for a lifetime, too!!

So bailouts happened…not saying that those in charge have always made the best choices for her people…. What a sick, sad, sorry hoot. EXAMPLE: medical needs, such as in the wars Woodward so admired produced well-trained, but not for broad-spectrum leadership roles : Registered Nurses coming out of 2 year technical programs. Situations produced admirable results. Our soldiers were not getting adequate care—a safely-practicing, well-trained RN was able to be produced in as little as 2 years. There should be no doubt left that this group is headed by megalomaniacs. The connection is most apparent in the case of menace" and believed that Germany had been treated too harshlyGermany, where resentment at the Treaty of Versailles the by Versailles.

Moreover, French and British statesmen of the sseparation of East Prussia from the rest of Germany by the "Polish had the evidence of behind them, and it was all too easy forcorridor" was particularly hated , discontent with the politics of the them, in striving to avoid repeating the rush to war of July , toWeimar republic and vulnerability to the economic pressures of the appease a dictator whose appetite was in fact insatiable. Ins fanned a desire for change which Hitler was able to exploit. After the Anschluss, Germanys union with Austria inyears later, and when he reintroduced conscription in , the March , Czechoslovakia was Hitlers next target, and at,man Reichswehr, the army allowed Germany by Versailles, Munich in September the British and French premiers agreedformed the nucleus for military expansion.

Armoured warfare to the German dismemberment of that unfortunate state. Historicaltheorists, Guderian chief among them, had paid careful attention to opinion on Munich remains divided: some historians argue thatdevelopments in Britain and France, and had ideas of their own. It is France and Britain should have gone to war then, while otherssimplistic to contrast innovative and forward-looking Germans with maintain that the agreement bought them a years respite in whichnarrow-minded conservatives in Britain and France, for Germany to rearm. Benitouse of armour and air power while the western Allies did not. Mussolinis fascist regime, which came to power in , rejoiced in America, whose President Wilson had played such a key role the opportunity to take a forward foreign policy, in the face ofin forming the terms of the Versailles Treaty, withdrew from a League of Nations condemnation, by overrunning Abyssinia inEurope whose new, fragile internal frontiers she had done much to International ostracism pushed Italy closer to Germany,shape.

Her failure to join the League of Nations was one of the and there was in any case a natural convergence between Italianreasons why that body never attained the influence hoped for by its Fascism and German Nazism. In October the Rome-Berlin 12 8. There waslessons there: one of their generals, comparing it to one of the little that they could do for the unlucky Poles, whose brave but old-British armys training-grounds, called it "the European Aldershot.

The growing part played by her Russians. The French, scarred by their experience of the First Worldaggressive but disunited military in successive governments generated War which had left one-third of Frenchmen under thirty dead orinstability, her dissatisfaction with the outcome of the London naval crippled and a strip of murdered nature across the north, hadconference of , which agreed quota for warship construction, ploughed a huge investment into the steel and concrete of thecreated further pressures, and in her delegates withdrew from Maginot Line, which covered sections of the Franco-German border. Friction between army and navy over French ally, declared her neutrality in , there was no moneythe defence budget led to an uneasy compromise.

The army, which available to continue it along the northern frontier in any serious way. This brought the risk Charles de Gaulle, took armoured warfare seriously, in all too manyof confrontation with the Soviet Union, and in August the respects the French army of closely resembled that of Japanese were badly beaten by the Russians at Khalkin-Gol. The Britain, too, had its apostles of armoured war, like Basilnavy, meanwhile, took the first steps of southwards expansion into Liddell Hart and Major General J. Fuller, but although thethe "Greater East Asian co-prosperity sphere," taking Hainan Island army had embraced mechanization, and had almost entirelyand the Spratly Islands in As late asWorld War as the "Great Patriotic War," Russia was engaged in December the dispatch of an expeditionary force to support aexpansion long before the German-Soviet war broke out.

However, European ally was accorded the lowest priority, below theher armed forces suffered from an ideological insistence on the maintenance of colonial commitments and the defence of the Unitedcentrality of the masses, which impeded the full development of some Kingdom against air attack. In the latter context, though, the timefar-sighted military doctrine pioneered by Marshal Tukhachevsky bought at Munich had been put to good use, for work on a newand his associates.

They were then badly disrupted by Stalins purges fighter, the Spitfire, and on Radio Detecting And Ranging RADAR of , which deprived the forces of about 35, of an officer was completed in time to allow both to play a full part in In November Russia attacked Finland, The fact remained that the allies could do nothing to help thewhich had gained her independence in , and the ensuing Poles, and as British and French soldiers spent the winter of ,campaign showed the Red Army in a poor light. Zhukovs defeat of the worst for years, in their freezing positions on the frontier, it isthe Japanese at Khalkin-Gol that August had, though, given an early small wonder that they gave the war unflattering nicknames.

To theindication of the Red Armys enormous potential. Some even made a pun onForeign Affairs Molotov signed a pact that left the way clear for the the new word blitzkrieg - lightning war - coined by a journalist todivision of Poland after the Germans attacked the following month. Germanresentment at the Versailles Treaty, economic crisis, nationalism,militarism and anti-Semitism all helped bring the Nazis to power.

Hitlerwas appointed chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg inJanuary It was after the burning of the Reichstag, which he blamedon Bolsheviks and other anti-social elements, and elections on March 5,which the Nazi Party and its nationalist allies won, that Hitler strength-ened his grip. Germany became a thousands of Jewish properties were attacked:centralized state ruled by one party. This time they invaded from their adjacentterritories of Italian Somaliland and Eritrea and, deploying the fullpanoply of modern war, decisively defeated the Abyssinians in This image shows Italian troops advancing into Abyssinia. Civil War followed, with traditionalist and fascistNationalists fighting an even broader left-wing coalition ofRepublicans. The war mirrored wider political divisions outsideSpain.

Substantial German, Italian and Portuguese contingents wereamong the "volunteers" who fought for the Nationalists, while anassortment of foreigners, including a small Russian contingent,supported the Republicans. The war was characterized - as civilwars so often are - by great brutality, and was won by theNationalists, supported by Hitler and Mussolini, in The fighting gave a grim foretaste of what was to come elsewhere, with towns bombed and civilians becoming involved in an ugly war. The substantial figure ofand became dictator three years later.

Hitler outlined his Governor-General of Poland, is on Mussolinisprogramme to his service chiefs in November , and set about immediate right. On Franks right Colonelthe territorial expansion that led to war. In March , Austria General von Fritsch, chief of the generalwas annexed, and in September, the Munich Agreement enabled staff who was dismissed the following yearGermany to annex the Sudeten district of Czechoslovakia. Command, Oberkommando der Wehrmacht. On March 12, , a Viennese square named for the Austrian Chancellor, Engelbert Dollfuss, murdered during an attempted Nazi coup in , receives its new name. LEFT Nazi policies unleashed a flood of Jewish refugees, although not all were as fortunate as Renate Lewy, an 11 -year-old who found asylum in Britain.

They have been finalizing the strategy for the invasion of Poland, which was just over a week away. French Premierbegan. Polish courage and outdated equipment were no match Edouard Daladier second from right for the Wehrmacht, using its blitzkrieg tactics for the first time. The and his cabinet return from the ElyseeRussians attacked on September 17, and organized Polish resistance Palace on September 2, having agreedended on October 5. The German invasion of Poland was the last to order general mobilization. Jean Zay,straw for Britain and France, who declared war on September 3. Known as the Maginot Line, they were to prove ineffective, largely because they persuaded the Germans to attack elsewhere. Here, a policemanblowing his whistle to draw attention tohis warning sign, cycles down Whitehall,September 3, The milkman behindhim seems set on business as usual.

He held the same appointment in August , and on hearing the news the Admiralty Board signalled to the fleet: "Winston is back". This unposed photograph shows Churchill arriving at work, complete with dispatch boxes and bundle of office keys. The Poles held out bravelybefore surrendering on September 7. Here he receives thesalute of General der Panzertruppen HeinzGuderian, one of the authors of the blitzkriegthat made German victory possible. Russian andGerman officers chat at Brest-Litovskon September 18, The Russiansshow their rank on collar badges: thetraditional epaulettes, hated symbolof the tsarist officer class, were to appearafter the German invasion.

The black-uniformed German is a panzer officer. Most of the buildings show the damage inflicted by German bombardments and air-raids. This is your work! However, therewas widespread fear of air attack, in which poison gas might be used,and the fact that the nation was indeed at war was underlined by airraid precautions and the evacuation of children from larger cities.

In September, over , unaccompanied children and more BELOWthan , mothers with young children left the cities, although Families tilling sandbags at Bognor Regisas the expected attack failed to materialize eighty percent on August The original print bearshad returned home by the beginning of The French army was a mixture of ancient and modern,with infantry and artillery reminiscent of and, although ithad some good tanks, too many of these were allocated to infantrysupport. When the Germans invaded on 10 May , Francecould field 2, tanks on her north-eastern front. It did at least provideevidence, like this photograph takenprivately by a French officer, that someGerman territory had been occupied. The weapon, the workhorse of theFrench army in the First WorldWar, was now past its best.

BELOW Although the censor has blacked out details that might give a clue to the location of these railway wagons, there are the same "40 men-8 horses" wagons familiar to British soldiers of an earlier war, on the way to the British concentration area around Arras. She sank nine merchant in the River Plate off Montevideo. Although the British warships weredamaged, Langsdorff was forced to put into Montevideo inneutral Uruguay.

Compelled to leave, he scuttled his ship andlater committed suicide. The battle gave a fillip to British morale. Well-trained ski troops, nicknamed "White Death" inflicted enormous casualties on the Russians, but eventually, weight of numbers and machinery told: in February , the Russians breached the Mannerheim Line between Lake Lagoda and the Gulf of Finland, forcing the Finns to come to terms on March 12, The image here shows Finnish ski troops passing through a small town, December 20, Finlands airport. Andto toy with a scheme for landing at Narvik, in north Norway, the Norwegians fought back, despite the efforts of the pro-Germancrossing into Sweden, securing the ore-fields on the north, and going Vidkun Quisling, whose name was to be taken into the Englishon to aid the Finns.

Not only would this have violated both language as a synonym for collaborator. Norwegian and Swedish neutrality but, as the British historian T. Despite their expectation that the Germans would indeedDerry has observed, "the pattern of alliances would have been strike, the scale and speed of their enterprise caught the Allies flat-transformed. The Allies made landings at various points along the coast, Finlands capitulation put an end to this scheme, but not to but in most cases the troops involved were poorly prepared for theother projects.

Norwegian territorial waters were entered by British venture and all but helpless in the face of German air power. There the ten destroyersCossack boarded Altmark, supply ship of the pocket battleship Graf that had transported a mountain division to the port wereSpee, scuttled the previous year, and liberated prisoners taken from attacked and, in two separate battles, all sunk or driven ashore. Graf Spees victims. The act helped persuade the Germans that the An Allied force, which included Polish as well as British andAllies were close to an attack on Norway which the Norwegians French troops, captured Narvik on May But by this time, as who had not fired on Cossack would not resist.

The Allies, on the we shall see, events elsewhere had turned against the Allies, andother hand, believed that the Norwegians felt unable to check Narvik had to be evacuated, an event marred by the loss of theGerman use of their sea-lanes. Both sides decided to act. The Allies began to mine the Leads, The Norwegian campaign, mishandled as it was by the Allies,expecting that this would provoke the Germans and justify an Allied had three outcomes which were to redound to their advantage.

Although the British force in Norway throughout the war, contributing to their strategicgot wind of it, they proved unable to intercept seaborne invasion overstretch. The second was that the campaign finished Nevilleforces, and by nightfall on April 9, the Germans had seized Oslo, Chamberlain, whose comment, just before the campaign, that Hitler 49 He was replaced east of Brussels to block the German advance. Both sides wereby Churchill, whose colossal energy, which sometimes burst out as numerically evenly matched with divisions, although in theinterference in the detailed conduct of military affairs, helped trans- Allied case this included 22 Belgian and 10 Dutch divisions whichform Britains war effort, stiffen popular resolve to fight on, and, would not be committed until after the Germans had attacked.

Thenot least, to strengthen Britains relationship with the United States. Allies had slightly more tanks than the Germans, and some of themThe third was the acquisition of the Norwegian Merchant Marine - like the French Bl heavy tank and Somua S65 - were by no means the worlds third largest merchant fleet for the Allied cause. But the Germans not only enjoyed a clear lead in the The Norwegian campaign served as a matadors cloak for a air, but grouped their tanks, with mechanized infantry panzerfar more serious German offensive.

Hitlers rapid victory over grenadiers in cohesive panzer divisions. They had the experience ofPoland in had caught his planners ill-prepared for an attack Poland behind them, and the rise in Germanys fortunes in the lateon France and the Low Countries, and their first schemes for s had helped boost morale. An attack across the Franco-German When the German offensive began on May 10, the Allied leftborder was clearly ill-advised in view of the fact that the Maginot wing rolled forward, as planned, into Belgium. The Germans stagedLine covered its important sectors. Instead, German planners several coups de main - the huge Belgian fortress of Eben Emael wasproposed to swing widely through Holland and Belgium in an taken by glider troops who landed on top of it - while theiroperation that resembled the Schlieffen Plan of This did not armoured spearhead entered the "impenetrable" Ardennes.

Manstein developed a plan intended, as he put it, Erwin Rommel even got his advance guard across the river that day. It assigned a purely defensive Guderians panzer corps crossed in strength at Sedan the next day,role to Army Group C, covering the Maginot Line, while Army and speedily pushed on across France. But chief, General Maurice Gamelin, in his headquarters at Vincennes,the decisive blow would be struck by Army Group A, which would on the eastern edge of Paris, was consistently wrong-footed. The plan horrified some senior officers, one The German breakthrough left the BEF, Belgian army and partof whom warned that: "You are cramming a mass of tanks together of the French army encircled in the north.

The Belgians, whoin the narrow roads of the Ardennes as if there was no such thing as actually fought harder than most Anglo-French historians give themair power. By this time Lord Gort, theof the French army had been undermined by the vagaries of prewar BEFs commander had taken the courageous decision to evacuatepolitics: it would not withstand a single massive blow.

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