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The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War

Artemis was widely worshipped and her The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War at Ephesus was The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Ancient Greek Descriptive Essay On Jordan The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War Goddesses. Came years after the Greeks. When Kratos found Helios, the gravely injured God appealed to Kratos to save him in exchange for any Kwame Anthony Appiahs Argument Analysis the Ghost of Sparta wanted, Kratos demanded The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War know the location of the Flame of Olympus, but Helios taunted him for his adamant desire The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War kill Zeus. Hermes, also the son of Zeus, was the foxiest of all the Olympian Gods. With the death of The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War last Olympian, massive amounts of lightning left The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War body, and entered the sky, plunging the world into Chaos Democracy In Henry David Thoreaus Civil Disobedience well as The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War chains bound to the Gods were shattered from Kratos.

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He then enchained Atlas to uphold the world on his shoulders, where the mighty Titan claimed the two would meet again. Poseidon had been angered by the chaos and destruction left behind by the Hydra. As Kratos journeyed through the Aegean Sea , he noticed a massive shipwreck caused by the creature. He was called upon by the Sea God to rid the waters of the Hydra, granting him the ability of Poseidon's Rage , an attack that would create a devastating blow on the creature. Ares' jealousy towards Athena grew ever so strong, and he called upon the creatures of the Underworld to invade Athens.

Zeus had forbidden the gods from waging war on each other and so Athena looked to Kratos for help. Using the Blade of the Gods , Kratos managed to kill Ares once and for all. Although he was forgiven of his sins, the gods refused to free. Kratos from the memories that haunted him. Knowing that he would never be free from his sins, Kratos attempted suicide by jumping from the peak of the highest mountain in Greece, until he was saved by Athena and granted Ares' now empty throne on Olympus. As the new god of war, Kratos was far more ruthless than Ares ever was.

Kratos, still plagued by memories of his murdered family, grew fiercely bitter towards the gods for refusing to erase the memories of his past deeds and for their role in the capture and death of his brother, Deimos and forcing him to kill his beloved mother Callisto. Thinking of the gods as pathetic and weak, he found solace by leading Sparta in conquering the rest of Greece. Athena tried to prevent Kratos from further destroying any more cities, warning him that the wrath of Olympus would soon present Kratos with the consequence of his actions.

Ignoring her, Kratos helped his Spartan comrades take over the city of Rhodes. As Kratos aided his Spartan army as the God of War, Zeus in the form of an eagle sapped Kratos of most of his power, causing him to shrink to the size of a mortal. Subsequently, Zeus transferred this power to the Colossus of Rhodes , bringing it to life. Zeus, feigning allegiance with Kratos, tricked him into draining the rest of his godly Powers into the Blade of Olympus.

Kratos was rendered mortal, as Zeus revealed himself to have orchestrated the fight between the Colossus and Kratos, betraying him and killing him using the blade. While in the Underworld, Kratos was faced by Gaia, who told him that the Titans would help overthrow Zeus, only if he were to journey to the Island of Creation and defeat the Sisters of Fate. Kratos escaped and rose once again, this time bent on revenge against Zeus. The Sisters told Zeus that Kratos was the son destined to overthrow him but that Zeus would be the victor in the end. Believing Kratos was dead, Zeus proceeded to destroy Sparta.

Thinking that it was all over, he returned to his throne on Mount Olympus. The murals within the Hall of the Fates had depictions of their prophecies, both of the past and future. In one of the murals, the Olympians and the Titans were seen engaging in battle, which could either represent the original Titanomachy or the events of the Second Great War. In the second mural, a lone man, probably Kratos, stood amidst the destruction left behind. In the third mural, three men were walking towards a star in the sky, alluding the journey of the Three Wise Men towards the birth of Christ guided by the Star of Bethlehem. This represents the rise of Christianity after the downfall of Olympus and could signify that the Twilight of the Greek Gods occurred paving the way for the coming of Christ.

After killing the Sisters, Kratos went back in time to the point where he was betrayed by Zeus. The Ghost of Sparta plunged himself at the king of the gods, and a great battle ensued. Arriving upon the Summit of Sacrifice, Kratos fought with great ferocity. Protecting her father, she flung herself in front of Kratos and was stabbed instead. Zeus fled to Olympus while Kratos spoke with Athena. She revealed that he was Zeus' son and that a vicious cycle of revenge had been passed down by his bloodline. After she died, Kratos used the power of time to journey back to the final moments of the Great War, bringing the Titans with him to destroy the Gods once and for all.

The Second Titanomachy , also known as the second Great War, started with Zeus calling upon the Gods to discuss the events that had been occurring. He claimed that he would wipe out the plague created by Kratos and that the gods must unite to crush him. Olympus began to shake, and the Gods looked over the edge of the mountain. The Titans, led by Kratos, climbed towards the Olympians in hopes of destroying them. The Gods immediately responded to the threat of the Titans crawling up Mount Olympus.

Overlooking the battle, Zeus saw the Titans and Gods were evenly matched. The King of the Gods thus decided to have Poseidon enter the fray. Hurled forward in a blast of water, Poseidon leaped right through Epimetheus' chest, killing him instantly and knocking him off the mountain into the waters below. With the help of his Hippocampi , which erupted from the water, Poseidon pulled at least one Titan off Mount Olympus before reaching Kratos and Gaia, in the form of a colossal watery construct. After a long and hard struggle, Kratos and Gaia combined their efforts, managing to kill the God of the Sea, with the Spartan gouging his eyes and snapping his neck.

As Poseidon's corpse fell from Olympus, he began to disintegrate into a liquid mass and landed in the water. As a result of his death, the sea levels rose dramatically and massive waves ravaged the world, engulfing all but the highest mountain tops. Victorious from their battle with Poseidon, Kratos and Gaia reached Zeus, who then summoned a lightning bolt to blast them off the mountain, resulting in Kratos falling into the Underworld. Eventually, Kratos reached Hades palace in the Underworld, leading to a fierce battle between the two. The battle reached its end when Kratos stole the Claws of Hades and used them to take Hades' soul, thereby releasing all of the dead souls from their torment.

The souls of the River Styx then attacked Hades, tearing a hole in his abdomen and leaving his corpse to rot underwater. Kratos battling a Centaur General as Perses looks on. Helios was still engaged in combat with the Titan Perses when Kratos reached the site of the battle. With the help of a Ballista , Kratos knocked Helios and his chariot into the grasp of Perses, who crushed and tossed the Sun God across the city. When Kratos found Helios, the gravely injured God appealed to Kratos to save him in exchange for any favor the Ghost of Sparta wanted, Kratos demanded to know the location of the Flame of Olympus, but Helios taunted him for his adamant desire to kill Zeus.

When Kratos was about to beat him for answers, Helios called upon the power of the sun, temporarily blinding Kratos, but the latter managed to subdue Helios. In desperation, Helios attempted to trick Kratos into stepping into the Flame of Olympus, telling him that he would receive its power by doing so. Kratos wasn't fooled, as he had been told earlier by Hephaestus that the Flame was lethal to those who touch it, be they, man or god. Helios warned Kratos that his death would not lead him to Zeus, but Kratos had other ideas and decapitated the Sun God with his bare hands.

Helios' decapitated head served Kratos as a weapon and a flashlight. The death of Helios resulted in the Sun being enshrouded by darkness and a torrential rainfall upon the world. Kratos next encountered Hermes, taunting him with his super speed, and running up the Chain of Balance , after which Kratos followed. Eventually, Kratos caught up with Hermes, leading to a chase in which Kratos struggled to keep up. Through the use of a catapult, Kratos used his Blades of Exile to latch on to the catapult's stone as it hurled towards the statue of Athena where Hermes was perched, destroying the statue, putting Hermes off-balance and greatly weakening him.

After a brief battle, another God fell, and with the death of Hermes , millions of insects flew from his disintegrating body, infecting the world, thus creating the Plague of Olympus. Kratos next encountered Hera and her step-son Hercules Kratos' half-brother. After mercilessly beating Hercules to death, Kratos fell into the sewers. Emerging from the sewers, Kratos encountered Aphrodite in her chambers. She directed Kratos to a nearby portal, which he used to travel back to the Underworld, where he once again found Hephaestus. Alarmed by the realization that Kratos was searching for Pandora herself, he sent Kratos on a suicide mission to find the Omphalos Stone in the hopes that Cronos would kill him.

After a battle against the massive Titan, Cronos swallowed Kratos, who proceeded to break free using the Blade of Olympus, spilling his intestines in the process. He then found his end attempting to kill Kratos so that his daughter, Pandora , would be protected from him. Hera encountered Kratos within her gardens, and taunted him, saying his simple mind would not allow him to escape.

He did, however, and after Hera goaded him even more, calling Pandora a "little whore", he snapped her neck. With the death of another Olympian, all the green life on at least Greece dies. While Kratos brought the Labyrinth to Olympus, Zeus awaited him. Both father and son dueled around the remains of Olympus, but Pandora eventually reached the Flame of Olympus, resulting in her death. Kratos, once again opened Pandora's Box , hoping to use its power against Zeus, but was disappointed and shocked to learn that nothing was inside the box, while the King of Gods laughed at his son's failure.

After yet another arduous battle between the two, Kratos finally killed his father, beating him to death. With the death of the last Olympian, massive amounts of lightning left his body, and entered the sky, plunging the world into Chaos as well as the chains bound to the Gods were shattered from Kratos. With this, Ares' plan was complete: Kratos had become the perfect warrior, killed Zeus and destroyed the rule of Olympus. The second mural of the Hall of the Fates, that depicted a lone man surrounded my destruction and chaos, was fulfilled. Athena then appeared and asked Kratos to give back the power of Hope, which he had unknowingly used to defeat Zeus.

Instead, Kratos impaled himself with the Blade of Olympus, to give Hope to all the mortals of the world. Athena left, disappointed by Kratos's actions, and the rule of the Olympian gods came to an end. The rest of the Gods left unscathed by Kratos' genocidal rampage i. Apollo, Artemis, Dionysus, etc. Supposedly, thanks to the annihilation of the Greek Pantheon caused by Kratos, the last prophecy depicted in the third mural of the Hall of the Fates will also be fulfilled in the years to come: with all the Greek gods and goddesses destroyed along with the Titans and most of the Greek mythological creatures , and the power of Hope released to humanity, people of Greece can reborn in a world freed by the old deities and embrace the new monotheistic religion of Christ.

Many of the gods are indistinguishable from humans in appearance, though some look radically different. Also noteworthy is the fact that when a God dies, a catastrophic event occurs like an explosion or a devastating occurrence that is sometimes called a plague. The plague is based on what the god personifies like great flood of waters Poseidon , deadly swarms of flies Hermes , the sun being blocked out by the clouds in the sky Helios , and the souls of the dead escaping Hades. The weaker gods, like Ceryx , however, die without any major consequences, as do Hephaestus, Ares and Athena the latter two of whom after their death only release a large explosion.

However, it is possible that these events are not major enough to warrant much attention. In addition to being immortal, the Olympians also possess a wide variety of seemingly godlike abilities. It's assumed that most of the Olympians in the God of War series possess some combination of the following:. Some gods have specific powers that correlate to their Godly roles, as Zeus possesses projection and can conjure lightning, Poseidon can conjure and manipulate the element of water, and Hades possessing soul manipulation.

It is unknown if the gods can resurrect those who have died. Some gods, like Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are considered the most powerful, having immense powers compared to that of their ancestors. Others, like Ares , Athena , and Persephone , are somewhat weaker than their parents, but are still considered very powerful. There are some minor, weaker Gods, like Ceryx or the Fire Steeds , that are considered servants to the Gods, and have no real power of their own but are still powerfully divine. While able to sustain great levels of damage, some Gods have been shown to die by injuries fatal to mortals.

Athena died with a single stab of the Blade of Olympus, even though her father Zeus survived multiple impalements by the weapon, albeit Zeus was stronger than her to begin with, and the divine weapon was one of the few that gave the user the power to kill a God. The god Hephastus, however, died after being impaled upon his only anvil, which had apparently no special characteristics mystical or otherwise though it can be assumed that Zeus stripped Hephastus of most of godly abilities.

The Goddess Hera died by having Kratos break her neck. While this was a similar fate shared by her brother Poseidon, he was more vulnerable due to having fought both Kratos and Gaia. The increased vulnerability could also be due to the fact that Kratos possessed the Blade of Olympus, which could have rendered Poseidon's regenerative abilities useless in its presence. Supposedly Greek Gods and Goddesses simply vanish and cease to exist if they are killed.

Nevertheless, in some circumstances they can ascend to the Astral Form after their death. This is what happened to Athena and, for a short period of time, to Zeus. How and when a deity can continue his existence through this way is still unclear. God of War Wiki Explore. God of War Greek Mythology. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Greek Gods. History Talk Do you like this video? Play Sound. Go forth in the name of Olympus. But my foolish act of compassion would haunt the Titans forever. Only the bravest hero shall solve its puzzles and survive its dangers. Only one man will receive ultimate power.

All others shall meet their doom. Destroy my enemies, and my life is yours! Athena : " Do not forget that it was I who made you a god, Ghost of Sparta, do not turn your back on me! Athena : " God after God will deny you, Kratos. They will protect Zeus. Zeus must live so that Olympus will prevail. I have lived in the shadow of the gods for long enough. The time of the gods has come to an end! List of all Greek Gods. Additional intriguing facts and information about the mythology and legends of individual gods and goddesses of these ancient civilizations can be accessed via the following links: Gods and Deities Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. There are literally hundreds of gods refer to the A - Z Dictionary of all Greek Gods Names for a fully comprehensive list. List of the Primeval Deities. List of the Titans. List of the Olympians. List of the Primeval Gods. List of the Lesser Deities.

Besides being important to agriculture, Demeter is mostly The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War for being the mother of Persephone, whom Hades kidnapped and forced to be his wife. Spread the Social Sustainability Definition word Torah can mean many different things, but At Mornington Poem Analysis general it refers to the first five books…. Traits The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War gods were based on human The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War they each had characteristics that determined Ghana Curse actions. After yet another arduous battle between the two, Kratos The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War killed his father, government intervention definition him to death. Death Of Parents In Hamlet Essay is nearly taken in by The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War, for he got to see his The Gods Of Ares: The Greek God Of War and daughter again.

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