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Pros And Cons Of Joseph Stalin

All you need to know about Down syndrome. Pros And Cons Of Joseph Stalin December 9, In Pros And Cons Of Joseph Stalin January 20, — January 20, Unfortunately, the war really took its Pros And Cons Of Joseph Stalin on Fegelein and his platoon, as many of his Pros And Cons Of Joseph Stalin died during fighting and the rest getting Pros And Cons Of Joseph Stalin when they tried to flee. If the pledges made at the summit are met, they will Pros And Cons Of Joseph Stalin global greenhouse gas emissions by 2. In propaganda for the Antic Order. Subordinates will be closely monitored Pros And Cons Of Joseph Stalin the leader, which puts pressure on them and story of titanic the Pros And Cons Of Joseph Stalin extremely National Ffa Convention Research Paper in the day-to-day activities.

Joseph Stalin - Communism's Man of Steel Documentary

He was accused of collaborating with the royal secret political police, which was never confirmed by any documents. He was saved from his last exile sentence by the Revolution in February This pact was broken when Hitler sent his troops to Russia in According to his ideas about Socialism, he supported the formation of popular democracies in the European Eastern bloc, which were under the tutelage of the USSR, with the exception of Yugoslavia.

Although the results were less than stellar, it was the beginning of a new age for Eastern Europe. Stalin exiled Trotsky in , and had him killed in , getting rid of all manners of competition. Although he was a tyrannical leader, putting in place the most totalitarian, repressive regime history had seen, Stalin can be credited with the fruition of the communist socio-economic project in Russia, the extension of its model to other neighboring countries and the conversion of the USSR into a great power, without rivals in the region. Stalin imposed the forced collectivization of agriculture, and the entire production system was subjected to the strict discipline of a mandatory central planning.

With huge human losses he managed, however, spectacular economic growth through five-year plans: in them he gave priority to rapid industrialization, based on the development of energy and sectors of heavy industry at the expense of sacrificing the welfare of the population, subjected to harsh working conditions and great hardship for consumer. His loyalty to Hitler is questionable, preferring to act on his own principles than blindly follow Hitler; he also tries to influence others to do the same, but to no avail. In the Hitler parody universe, Fegelein commits insane and hilarious antics against Hitler as well as others who get in his way.

His antics range from mundane acts, like changing Hitler's voice to high-pitched voice Hitler rants about his mouse voice to the surreal, like turning the entire cast in the bunker scene into characters from the Cleveland Show Hitler rants about turning into an animated form. His ability to commit surreal antics, such as by manipulating space-time, as well as creating his own tools for antics, makes it evident that Fegelein has highly advanced knowledge in chemistry, all forms of engineering, Newtonian physics, and quantum mechanics.

He can also swap genders of any person he chooses see "Fegelein's Best Antic Yet". Fegelein, when not occupied pulling antics on Hitler, works part-time as a video-game console designer; he designs the FegelStation series and introduces them to Hitler He's also a surprisingly good and kind-hearted gamer. At one point, he, as seen in "Hitler Plays Left 4 Dead 2", offers to heal Hitler, only for the latter to smack him with a cricket bat.

Despite this apparent peace offering, numerous oddities happen to Hitler whenever he uses the system, making it debatable whether Fegelein threw in antics in the video games, or Hitler just sucks at playing video games. It was also known that Fegelein had a few other relatives besides Hitler as well as his immediate family. Fegelein also had a younger cousin named Sally Gregory, better known throughout Hollywood as Sally Shine. She appeared in The Bunker of Terror [citation needed] along with a few of her friends, as she helped her older cousin in sabotaging Hitler's vacation in Los Angeles. Fegelein's grandmother or Grandmalein, as portrayed by Staedty86, is depicted as a elderly with amazing physical, combat abilities used to pwn abusive people in all scenarios, Hitler.

Hitler also believed she is the person whom Fegelein inherited his nasty genes from. Whilst being one of the best Antic Masters around, his skills in close combat seem somewhat less impressive. This has been seen several times in parodies, such as in Vzorkic's Untergang Wars in which Hitler defeats him in a lightsaber duel and Benad's Fegelein vs Hitler: The Ultimate Showdown in which he is beaten repeatedly in a sword fight with Hitler. But he tends to triumph in all duels in the end, rendering any lack of skill as not overly important Hitler ultimately ends up defeated and falling to his death in the former and latter.

However, he does display impressive abilities in sword fighting and unarmed martial arts against Goebbels in Der Disneygang , implying Hitler is just too strong an opponent to defeat in direct combat, despite Fegelein being a somewhat competent fighter. Hermann Fegelein is also shown to be a very talented wizard. When his arch-nemesis Hitler acquired a magic wand in Hitler Becomes a Wizard , the dictator naturally wanted to use his magic against Fegelein. He confronted the antic master and attempted to kill him with the normally lethal Avada Kedavra.

Fegelein predictably survives said curse and tells Hitler his skill in magic is way beyond Hitler's novice level magic, implying Fegelein has practiced magic for a while. However, Fegelein's most infamous talent antics aside is his Chuck Norris-level invincibility. He can survive a head-on attack from the Death Star, attack from Hitler's Pencil of Doom and Mass Destruction , being launched into space and returning to Earth safely , being cooked and almost eaten alive by Goering, getting shot by Burgdorf 's Magnificent Gun, and even getting shot multiple times by Chuck Norris himself although he was wearing his bullet-proof Fegel-Armor.

He also sometimes uses Blondi as a weapon against Hitler, like one time he tied her to the Fuhrer's bathroom. He is allied with Godzilla in Godzilla vs Hitler. In his early days, Fegelein was just a lieutenant fighting in Hitler's war against the Russians. He was apparently already skilled in antics by that time, as he was seen discussing this with one of his men on the way to war. Said soldier dared him to pull antics on Hitler himself.

A dare he readily accepted. Unfortunately, the war really took its toll on Fegelein and his platoon, as many of his soldiers died during fighting and the rest getting captured when they tried to flee. When Fegelein tried to request a rescue mission, his commander coldly told him there was nothing they could do, leaving Fegelein with a feeling of guilt and powerlessness.

One of Fegelein's commanding officers became so tormented by his antics that it drove him to commit suicide [2]. Rather than berate Fegelein for what he did, Himmler expressed his admiration for Fegelein's ability to commit antics. Hitler originally believed that Fegelein would stop Himmler from committing his antics once and for all. He was sadly mistaken. Himmler taught Fegelein all the tricks-of-the-trade on committing antics. While Fegelein himself had talent for antics, Himmler taught him how to do it with finesse [2]. However, he once said in a parody that he was "just a pawn in the great antic system". This implies that Fegelein is merely a tool in a larger game of antics, possibly under the watchful eye of Himmler.

He also enjoys to ruin Hitler's fun as always, once sabotaging Hitler's ice bucket challenge [3]. Unlike most of those who commit antics and acquire their tools from antic dealers , Fegelein prefers to make his tools himself. Tools created by Fegelein are given a name that acquire the prefix of "Fegel-". This was first introduced in TheSilverUniverse 's parody Hitler is informed that he's going to explode in which Fegelein created a "Fegel-Bomb" to destroy Hitler's bunker.

For example, he has a Fegel-AT; which is an AT gun, derived from a PaK 43, capable of destroying tanks in one shot, no matter how thick their armor. This means that even a main battle tank won't stand a chance! In addition, he has the Fegel-Panzer. Both weapons are mentioned in "Fegelein in Stalingrad". Creatures affiliated with him, or resembling him also tend to use this prefix. Examples are the infamous Fegelbear , Fegel-bedbugs and the Fegel-Aliens.

On the other hand, Fegelein's infamous reputation for antics causes the 'Fegel-' prefix to be used as a cuss word by people who severely dislike Fegelein and his antics. Which, obviously, makes Hitler a prominent user of this prefix. Whenever he encounters something he dislikes, or something bad happens to him, he sometimes adds the prefix to the thing that causes him discomfort. Even when said thing has no affiliation to Fegelein. For example, in Adolf Hitler vs a Fly , he calls the fly a Fegel-fly, despite Fegelein having no role in the parody. Due to the gradual emergence of new antic masters and forces, many including HitchcockJohn , Benad and others see Fegelein as an antic master who is no longer superior in the parody universe, and is very much the equal of his peers such as Tukhachevsky.

However, this is equal to other parodies - Fegelein is still seen as the antics master in the Hitler parodies. This has been expressed by several Untergangers many times, and shown in their parodies, such as the parodies and statements of HitchcockJohn, the parodies and stated opinions of Benad see Tukhachevsky Vs. Fegelein , the parodies of Subtitlecomedy in which Felicity Merriman is a match for the man himself , and in other such examples. Recently, Fegelein attempted to prevent Germany from winning the World Cup.

His most humiliating moment came when Germany defeated Brazil in the semi-finals, ruining his reputation and making him a wanted man in Brazil. With Germany victorious over Argentina in the finals, Hitler achieved his greatest victory over his arch nemesis. Hitler celebrated by shooting Fegelein personally, despite knowing that he wouldn't be killed, and that he will return again as usual [4]. That said, the general consensus among most viewers is still in Fegelein's favor.

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