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Symbolism In Dry September

If there are "running away" stones there must be "chasing" Symbolism In Dry September. Could you Nora Helmer Character this in Symbolism In Dry September blog? February 18, at pm. Mary Jo Verissimo. Symbolism In Dry September the Praying Mantis meaning insists that we take Symbolism In Dry September step back. Symbolism In Dry September Udawatta.

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Bluebell : Luck, Truth. These are very enchanted plants it is believed that their bells call the faeries to their midnight processions. Boneset : Protection, Exorcism. It was used to help set broken bones as well as treat wounds. It symbolizes fixing, mending, regeneration and strengthening. Butterfly Weed : Like the butterfly it is considered a good plant to use for healing transformation and rebirth. Cactus : Protection, Chastity.

With its ability to store water it symbolizes hidden treasure as well as endurance and the ability to adapt to situations and environments. Most animals either find this a powerful stimulant or a sedative, due to this seemingly contradictory effect it is used in spells for deception or paradox. Cattail : Lust. A water growing plant that turns ponds into swamps then into dry earth this plant symbolizes strong earth energy, balance and stability.

Native American Symbolism : Cattails, also known as bulrushes, had a number of practical uses in traditional Native American life: cattail heads and seeds were eaten, cattail leaves and stalks were used for weaving mats and baskets, cattail roots and pollen were used as medicine herbs, and cattail down was used as moccasin lining, pillow stuffing, and diaper material. In the southwestern tribes, cattails also have more symbolic meaning. They are associated with water and rain by the Pueblo tribes, and used ceremonially in rain dances. The Mexican Kickapoos associate cattails with water serpents and make offerings to the snake people before gathering cattails. The Navajo believed cattail leaves were a protective charm against lightning.

And many southwestern tribes used cattail pollen as a traditional face paint. Cedar : Healing, Purification, Money, Protection. Excellent at repelling negative energy. It is used for protection and warding away negative spirits. Cedar is one of the most important Native American ceremonial plants, used by many tribes as an incense and purifying herb. Cedar is especially associated with prayer, healing, dreams, and protection against disease. Many Salish tribes consider the cedar tree a symbol of generosity and providence, and had special rituals regarding the felling of cedar trees. Cedar is commonly used as part of sweat lodge ceremonies, and is also one of the herbs frequently included in medicine bundles and amulets.

Cedar leaves and bark are used as medicine plants in many tribes as well. Native American Symbolism : The Cherry tree symbolizes strong expression, rebirth, new awakenings and compassion. Because of this, chicory does not play a large role in Native American mythology. But like other newcomer plants, such as dandelions, chicory did become part of 18th and 19th century Native American traditions. The chicory plant was associated with the sky in some tribes due to its sky-blue color , and chicory roots were used as a medicine herb among eastern tribes. Chili peppers were primarily used as a food seasoning in Native North American tribes, although they were used in some rituals by the Hopi and Pueblo tribes of the Southwest.

In Mexican Indian tribes, chili peppers played a much more spiritually important role. Many Maya tribes ascribed healing and protective powers to chili peppers, and even today some Mexican mothers are in the habit of feeding their children spicy food when they fall ill. Chrysanthemum : Protection. A very decorative plant it denotes nobility and royalty. It is particularly good for speeding up the rate and flow of spells. With its three-fold leaves it was very special to the Celts symbolizing balance and the triad. A four leaf clover is very lucky, and it is said that wearing one within your hat will allow you to see fairies.

Copal played a very important role in the ancient Mayan religion; copal was considered the food of the gods and was burned as offerings to them. Today, although few if any Maya or Nahuatl people continue to worship the old gods, copal is still used for ritual purification and other traditional ceremonies, and is often burned at mainstream Mexican celebrations such as the Day of the Dead.

Corn : protection, luck, divination. One of humans most treasured plants, it has always been a great source of nutrition as well as providing medicine. It is closely related to the sun, harvest, health and the earth goddess. Native American Symbolism : Corn, also known as maize, is the most important food crop of the Americas, cultivated by hundreds of different tribes. Even some tribes who were too nomadic or lived too far north to grow it themselves had corn as part of their diet, since they traded extensively with corn-farming neighbors.

Corn is one of the Three Sisters of the northeastern tribes, so called because corn, squash, and beans were traditionally planted together by Native American farmers. Corn played an important mythological role in many tribes as well— in some cultures Corn was a respected deity, while in others, corn was a special gift to the people from the Creator or culture hero.

In addition to its importance as a food source, corn also played a ceremonial role in many tribes, with sacred corn pollen or cornmeal being used as ritual adornment and spiritual offerings. The names of several corn dishes also come from Native American languages: hominy, pone and succotash from Eastern Algonquian languages , sagamite from Cree, and chicha from the Nahuatl, or Aztec language. Corn is a common clan symbol in many Native American cultures. Many tribes, such as the Caddo and the Pueblo tribes, also have a Corn Dance among their tribal dance traditions. I had them alot when I was a kid but now I fear they are back. He deceased are typically in white clothing. But a cat had came to me; she is a black cat with vibrant blue eyes.

I dreamt of two snakes they were black and brown. One was big and one was small. They were always together and I knew they were there. What could this signify? I think i can help you with that. Cats in general are sneaky animals, secretive but friendly. This is what your dream means: your daddy needs to be careful with those he considers as close friends. Otherwise, they will set him up for trouble. I woke up from a dream were I was being bitten by a red , cobra like kinda snake in my left ring finger in my bed room as I try to evade from it..

And the venom began to swell some of my muscles.. I often have dreams in which prominent items are rich red and gold. A dream of waking in a room with rich red tapestry with gold in it. I recently had one in which I was evaluating the clothing I had chosen—a black jacket with yellow pants. Sounds loud but in the dream I felt it was appropriate. Hello, I had a dream of the color neon pink , I was running for the bus and when the doors of the bus open it was pretty shocking neon pink like fushcia, what dose that color mean….

Yesterday I got a dream bcoz of which I woke up suddenly,it really made me tensed. Iam really afraid. Suddenly it approached me it turned out to be a black crocodile,trying to catch and bite me and I was running and trying to climb a tree. Can u plz explain what this mean. I have dreamt of a green snake with two heads crawling in the road, I have had this dream more than once. Not white or dark chocolate. I posted my complete dream on the thread about dreaming of alligators on this site. I am having problems in my marriage relationship and i saw 2 dreams for which i am worried about.

When i woke up i just remembered the black color of the monkey and kept thinking what does it mean. When i tried to recognize that guy, i was unable to guess who he is. The only thing i remember was that he was wearing a red shirt. When i woke up, i just remembered the red shirt. Your wife in the photos with another man, perhaps your mind is preparing you to see her with someone else. Becoming less attached. Last night I had a dream of mixed colors of sand. I was exploring the sand with my hands and the more I mix it with my hands I saw different colors and the sand was very soft and in my dream I liked watching and touching the sand seeing these beautifull mixed colors, blue, green, purple,pink. So I had a dream of a pink and yellow snake and those two are my favorite colors.

I never touch the snake in my dream but I remember the snake coming next to me and just looking at me. The ppl in my dream who I have no clue of who they were was petting the snake. Can you tell me what this dream means. I dreamed of a black and white hat, in my dream my deceased husband wanted to take the hat away from me, what could that possibly mean? You husband wants you to move on and be happy. Stop mourning him. Stop being sad. He wants that black hat be gone. The white hat itself shows some positivity ahead of you.. Leave the past behind wich is the black hat with sad memories. I had a dream three color of snake silver,green and light blue or its is torquise.. I had a dream last night that I was some where picking out a new kitten and at first I had my mind set a a pure long haired gray one.

Then I dont know what made me change my mind but I got an orange one instead and the gray kitten sat on the floor steering at me and it made me feel guilty but I let with the orange one. What could this mean? Hey Valerie! Hope this helps! Gold, I dreamt about some one trying to steal my white car with 2 gold stripes, it was a convertible and they had a huge white gun that had a fugifilm camera on it. I saw my relative is giving me a maroon coloured expensive looking scarf with a fawn border.

I choose a fawn dress with a maroon scarf. I tried to walk through it but got bit on the leg. The snake was no longer than a foot and solid white, almost albinoish. I started swelling right away and could barely talk because my tongue had swollen so much and I knew I would die. Any help? A snake that looked like a copperhead was in my home I chased it around trying to kill it threw a tv on it thought I got it.. I chased it there and then I was standing in water with the much larger snake in water to my left and then a wet small black,white and gray kitten to the right in water standing..

WOKE up. I dreamt that I was asked to come quickly to help out someone in trouble. On my way I saw Prince up like on a stage dressed all in yellow. I hesitated because it was Prince. I finally about after minutes left to go help or see what was happening, why was I being pulled. This all took place outdoors. Not sure what to make of the dream. If anyone has insight or a hint of my dream. I dreamt a huge cream snake rushed down the street and tried to attack me my son and another family member but no matter how it did or tried to bite it was like it there was no damage.

I ended up fighting the snake and managed to grab it by the mouth and started to fold it back inside out. What does that mean? I saw a dream where we going to attend to wedding ceremony by I n my Husb is in casual dress he drink lot so I take care BT another side all people is in white dress DAT someone is dead n the marriage is cancle n I wake up what its mens. I had a dream that I was on a game show and had to crawl past an alligator through a tunnel, to win. My boyfriend was behind me and I told him to go through the guest exit.

I had one tactic to drop a giant stuffed gorilla on the alligator when it attacked me but I dropped the stuffed gorilla too soon, as I saw it was going after my boyfriend. After I made a dash for the tunnel, the alligator bit onto my arm and I threw it over the side and waited for it to fall off my arm. After I sprinted through the tunnel and won the game but the alligator came in and was bright shiny white with small green stars on it.

I was petting it because I felt bad for it that it lost, and I asked it if it had a mate. So I petted it and then woke up. I had a dream that someone i know who i stopped talking to was standing in front of me was getting mad at me and then this black mass came out of her skin and she turned all black what does that mean. In my dream, alligators or crocodiles kept appearing in front of me and at the bottom of my feet and I had no where to go. They were camouflaged in the ground. I was in the woods. I was really scared. I had dream of a crocodile or alligator, it appeared in the dirty water and It was also brown in colour a friend of mine was also.

The second time it was crocodiles or alligators again they were small in size, sky blue in colour. I was bit scared but i was sitting next to them watching them. Anyone knows the meaning? And a brand new black which looked like a modern version of the Jag types sports car. Our small front garden had been tarmacked over to accommodate the three cars. When I asked her which car was hers, she kept flipping back an forth between the vintage Jag and the Saab. I thought she was a bit bonkers. But I still liked her, and a lot of the things she talks about on her youtube channel. I had a dreamt in which I received an A4 sized Manila envelope, which felt like it contained something very light and crackly sounding, sort of like something wrapped up in cellophane. Oh and neither can I remember whether I opened the letter or not.

All I remember feeling is intrigued, trepidatious and slightly excited. Woke up from a dream that I was swimming, being chased by big black gators. I was scared and screaming for help but nobody would pay attention to me.???????? I dreamed of a white snake trying to enter my house through an electrical outlet, my small white dog was sitting in front of , I was scared he would get eaten but he was unafarid. What does that mean. I dreamt that i was wearing a blue dress with orange circles that made that jingly noise and I was at a party with my mum — I didnt pay attention to anyone else — who said she needed to wear something with patterns, thus sparking my realisation of my dress.

I dreamt that i was out hunting birds with an acquaintance of mine. There was a blue bird perched in front of me but i couldnt find it in my heart to let it go. I also recall a yellow or orange bird that i let go as well. What does it mean?? I had a dream about me and my mom were in my living room all of sudden I was looking down a hole in my living room and next thing something came up and started crawling towards my mom by this time I was laying on the floor flat on my back and when I looked over it turned and started coming towards me but it split into two little small black and red snakes!

First time since my mum died in I dreamt of her.. I refused because I new if I opened them she would disappear… I was also looking in a mirror with myself wearing a policewomans hat?? What would that mean? Hello, this is my 2nd time have a dream about a lavender snake, the first dream it was a purple snake. In my recent dream I was in an indoor pool with my 1 yr old baby. The snake was also in the pool chasing us slowly in a playful way and also flying slowly above our heads chasing us.

There was also a strange woman sitting over us on the edge of the pool just watching. She seemed very comfortable with the snake. What does this lavender snake dream means?. I had a dream about some snakes but the were a pretty royal blue and gold and in my dream, somebody told me they were mailing. I had a dream about some snakes but the were a pretty royal blue and gold and in my dream, somebody told me they were maiting. Good day sir,in my dream I saw that the cloud were bringing a Snow n the color was pink n purple,I hardly see because of how much the snow filled everywhere. Everyone with me were happy.

I dreamt that the sky was beautiful with deep turquoise colour and the clouds were reddish. I was trying to capture if in my phone and found that there were some symbols in it. I dreamt of a derelict condition of a place which is my current restaurant. In the dream, we closed it due to water seeping from the 2nd floor room which is undergoing a renovation. I was so mad and pissed. Suddenly i saw a gray cat with big beautiful purple eyes. It came running towards me and i called her. She was somewhat aloof at first until i was finally able to carry and per her. Dear Stacey. Your Wildgratitude site is excellent. Keep up the good work.

I have noticed many wild birds recently. It is almost like these birds are talking too me. I was thinking of making a drawing of it like Superman, LOL! However today I came upon a dead Red Hawk on the road. It was crushed. I stopped and pulled the hawk off the road and collected 5 Red Feathers. Strange at how this is accelerating. Is there a meaning to this? Thank You PB When synchronicities and meaningful events speed up in our lives this is a sign that we are in the midst of a transformation. The faster and more frequent these events, the larger portion of ourselves that is in the process of transforming. To track what each sighting means I suggest practicing with a lot of mindfulness.

When you see a bird, stop whatever else you are thinking about if at all possible and rewind. What were you contemplating or thinking about just as the animal appeared? You can also do a reverse investigation and at the end of the day sit with the encounter s you had and think back on the day or the moment to what questions or issues you had in your mind. Did you wake up with anxiety about something? Were you dealing with a conflict during the day? Did a loved one come to mind? Good luck! We were once lucky enough to have 3 hawks somewhat reside in our backyard. They lived across the street, but would come over daily. We had lost a tree in the middle if our backyard. However, it was the tree I always tied my dog to when I would garden.

So I had about 20 feet of the trunk left behind and put a birdhouse 5 feet from the top. It only got used 1 year because the Hawks decided the tree was a good perch to teach their baby to hunt! They would place baby up there every day, then fly to the nearby woods and keep guard. They spent months at our house, so close that we could memorize the markings on all 3. It was the most amazing experience to witness the raising of a baby hawk. Amazing I agree! Thanks for sharing your story Stephanie and for honoring the presence of this beautiful family. Good Morning, stumbled upon your website while looking for the meaning of seeing a red-tailed hawk. Which I did! First one I have seen since moving to my current home. If I am add, prior to moving I lived in Virgina and for the first 7 years I have pleasure of a single red-tailed hawk visit me every October and stay through winter, then on the third year he brought his mate, on the fourth year they brought their off spring.

My husband was in the Coast Guard and was out to see around the time they started coming. Was there a reason for their visit and Now? Hello Donnalee, For insights into the meaning of their visits then, I would look at the associations with winter which, briefly, are solitude, scarcity, contemplation and prayer. So, last year on an organized canoe trip we pulled animal totems from a deck on the last day. Mine was an upside down hawk, and the upside down interpretation was that I had stuck energy.

So, fast-forward to this past weekend, where I was at a yoga training for trauma-informed yoga and I saw a red-tailed hawk flying over me on the way home. I wondered if it was a sign because I had been clearing so many different feelings and experiences in a very short period during this training. The day after the training, a feather appeared on my walk in front of my house.

I looked up the feather and decided it was a red-tailed hawk I had also wondered if it was a peregrine, since both are in our neighborhood. I know this is not a coincidence because the timing is so clear and your blog addresses exactly what I had to clear — this feeling of not being part of a community, not ever belonging, etc. Pretty powerful and I look forward to seeing how my path unfolds from here.

I just keep letting it unfold and have faith. Beautiful story! In Gratitude, Stacey. Recently i was making an early morning drive to work out of state to a small town in Wyoming during the drive i was able to see and observe more than twenty red tail hawks during a three hour period and over a mile area. It seemed as if they were waiting for my presence in their territory and were presenting themselves to my observance. I quickly returned by the same route and witnessed on my return journey even an increase in the number of hawks during my drive back home to see my brother and be with my family during this tragic and sudden loss.

I felt a peace and comfort that is hard to describe during this eight hour journey but am not sure of its meaning any insight would greatly help me to accept and grieve this terrible and sudden loss of my brother best friend and companion in my life and help me fill this vast empty place that is now in my life With love and sincerity Tim Helmick. Hello Tim, I am so very, very sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved brother.

The tribe of the red-tailed hawks most certainly came to lend you much needed support on that day and beyond. I say rather than close down the meaning into a single reason, open up to the infinite possibility of what has been revealed to you and allow the experience to travel with you throughout this process. My heartfelt blessings as you navigate this especially trying time, Stacey. My first husband and I were victims of a home invasion — he was killed instantly and I survived with some emotional scars.

This was plain freaky — I had commented on this to a friend who was with me when we saw the hawk on the stop sign, needless to say she was also freaked. Then later at his grave site there was a hawk riding the wind while I planted flowers at his stone. Even my sister-in-law commented on it. It is now 16 years later, I am remarried with children and over the years a hawk has made its presence known in very direct ways. Now my children and second husband have been invited into the hawk-circle. We have a hawk at our new home that will roost on a fence post, or the old church bell in our garden. This is one of those stories that takes my breath away, and you, my dear, are not nuts.

You are a brave soul with a keen eye and sharp intuition that allows you the opportunity to see grace in the everyday. Hope in the face of hardship is a stunning thing. I am going through depression and anxiety, have had an endometrial ablation in April, Kidney surgery in September and three weeks later a total hysterectomy. I was listening to Ephemeral by Bassnectar driving home from the doctor yesterday. I was having thoughts of not having the will to live anymore when I looked in the sky and saw a beautiful bird.

I pulled into the end of my driveway, parked my car and jumped out. The Red Tail Hawk had stopped in the top of a dead tree like it was waiting for me to get out. Then it took off, but was just floating in the wind above me, it took off to the right and then shot back over the the left of me into the sun. It was an amazing experience. We have a strong population in our rural community and I seem to catch one flying in times when I feel low. I keep telling myself they are there to help me get through my bad times. I love them so much. How glad it makes my heart to hear that the winged ones are bringing you such solace and comfort.

Lean into their company. They are here for you beckoning you to fly above the sadness and find the joy that is waiting for you. They love you too. Hello Mildred, Thank you for helping that hawk and for telling your story. I am so sorry to hear of your feelings of isolation and struggle with pain. It is good that you have the company of your husband and your dogs. I feel the company of our pets is just as valuable a source of support as that of our human family and friends.

One of the messages of the hawk may be that despite a broken body you still have a strong spirit, and he came to remind you of that. What a gift. Sending blessings your way, Stacey. My wife noticed roughly one week ago that a red-tailed hawk has been lurking about our neighborhood. He has been there at times when she has been in our kitchen cooking, and she notices this when she looks southward out of our dining area. This morning, my wife looked southward, seeing the hawk perched again, on the utility line. She got our her cell phone to take a picture, raised up the blinds, and starting shooting photos. When I came up to the window to take a photo myself, he flew away. Now…taking into account of the significance of what the hawk means in the spirit world, I am trying to figure out 1 why he is here, 2 who is he here for, 3 what does he want?

Interestingly enough, both her father and I have had health issues approx. Hello Hans, Thank you for sharing your story with such detail. It definitely sounds like the hawk is there working to get your attention. All of your questions are very good questions and very reasonable. As far as question 3 goes — what does he want? And then question 1 — why is he here? These messages are layered and an answer you find today may not suffice tomorrow. The hawk could be there as consolation for your wife offering support during this difficult time. The hawk could be there to offer you a distraction from your headaches.

Both are likely true. Do I think the hawk is an omen of something to come? Not necessarily, but looking back in a year you may see how it was. I know my answers are vague, but I am trying to encourage you to expand your perception. We are all connected. All of this has meaning for everyone. Finding a discrete answer would cause you to stop paying attention to the hawk and that would be a loss.

Enjoy the company and see what unfolds in divine timing. Just out of curiosity more than anything else. I saw him awhile before I was payed off in the oil field. A few minutes ago a hawk flew directly in front of me while driving down tge road. Like across the road right in front of me and not to far off the ground. And look to be watching me as I drive by. Hope you answer for me. It would be a blessing. Hello Kris, The change from seeing the hawks as stationary to seeing them active, may indicate a shift from a passive approach to an active approach.

This could mean that either you are taking on a more active role in your community seeing as red-tails are about tribe or this could mean that the hawk spirit animals are taking a more active role in helping your on a spiritual level. Either way, it seems the relationship and the message is most definitely shifting. I encourage you to look at the qualities of red-tailed hawk and see how your life is transforming in those areas.

I am about to divorce my husband of 32 years and establish a new home for myself and our son who will be with me part-time. To say I am terrified is an understatement, yet this has been a very long time in coming. On the long drive home from PA where I visited my sister in her new home, I was amazed to see 20 or 30 red tailed hawks, one every few hundred feet or so. They are my power spirit animal and I have only seen one, maybe two, at one time. I felt so blessed when I saw them and was so grateful to find your website and to learn that my prayers are about to be answered and that, in the end, I will know that I made the right decision.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight! Hello J. I never cease to be amazed at how the animals continue to show up for us in our hour of most need. May all the courage and fortitude you need during this trying time be yours. Thank you so much for your very insightful, connected and profound messages about the Red-tails. While I have seen them before from a distance, I have had two recent sightings in close proximity, today being one of them.

It was an amazing experience and thankfully, I found your website and interpretations. I was returning from an appointment with a job counselor after trying for months without success to get a job. Try as I might, a job has not materialized and now my money has dwindled down to close to nothing and my credit cards all at their limits. Mind you, I am an experienced professional with great credentials and contacts who you would think could jump into a new job in a heartbeat. Because money is tight, I have been targeting jobs that are a closer match to my previous experience. I have declared out loud that I am surrendering to spirit, yet continue to apply for jobs that represent my past, which is actually a fear response.

The job counselor basically told me to go out and pound the pavement harder to get results. Then, at the train station on my way home, I saw a giant Red-tailed Hawk land on a branch to survey its surroundings for about 15 minutes just 50 feet away from me. That was my sign and your messages confirmed this for me. Quadruple confirmation. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

Very helpful. I know what to do now. Hello Carole, Your self awareness and candor is a teaching for us all. I admire your courage and fortitude in the face of adversity. To have these gifts awareness, courage, fortitude carry you through this challenging time shows how we need more than money and success to survive. Blessings to You, Stacey. I just finished reading your post after hearing the screeching from one of 3 red tailed hawks that live in my backyard.

I have been floundering in Raleigh NC 4 11 years now. I am a poet, mom my children are grown so im an empty nester right now wife and fellow seeker of the way. I am a May 2nd baby so i connect with the earth and tangible things as second nature.. This is a rambling post but there are no coincidences in life. Im convinced. Three red tailed hawks? I think they are a family. Always showing up when im at wits end! Thank you for your work. Your gracious kind spirit which comes through as you answer each post. I truly pray for my family and this world, that more kind people will step up and make themselves known to the world. One person at a time. You are so welcome Renee.

I can tell in the way you write that you are a poet. Keep writing and keep believing. You too are making the world a better place. My father passed away last night. This morning as I drove up a winding road, a red-tailed hawk flew in front of my windshield and lead me up the road for about yards then took off to my right. As I researched on line as to what type of hawk this was, I came upon your page.

Can you help further explain what this means? Hello Debbie, I am sorry to hear about your loss and the newness of it must be a shock. He loved red-tailed hawks. There are many layers of meaning to such encounters. The spirit world is acknowledging the crossing, our loved ones are sending us comfort, the animals are showing their support, and a personal message is in there too. Read through this post again and see which part really resonates with you in regards to your relationship with your father. How are you both being set free in this transition?

Many Blessings to you during this trying time, Stacey. Today we were driving on the highway and I have sent many messages out daily to the spiritual world. I looked up and saw a red tail eagle flying above the vehicle. I was amazed and was wondering what kind of message was being sent to me. Hello Deb, That may be the message in and of itself, that the spirit world is reaching out to you and now is the time to start listening. So often we get caught up in what we want and in organizing carefully stated requests of the Divine that we forget to listen for the answer. Listening takes patience and takes acceptance. Are you having a hard time waiting for the answer?

Are you not hearing the answer you want? The guidance likely is to wait and release anyway. I was outside in my garden this morning, going through my morning ritual of greeting grandfather sun, the seven directions prayer, and talking with my beloved husband who died suddenly last year. I have been noticing that there is often a magnificent red tail-tailed hawk sitting in the branches of a tree quite close to me. I used to really dislike birds of prey, as something that brings me a great deal of joy is watching and listening to the birds as they feed at the bird feeder, and I feel very protective of them.

Interestingly, I have never once seen him go after any of the birds; he just seems to sit there calmly, and I like to believe that he is watching over me. Whatever his presence means, I have found myself comforted by him. Shortly after my husband died, an exotic bright orange bird showed up at my window. I had never seen anything like it before, and I intuitively sensed that this magnificent little bird was connected with his passing, as was a beautiful orange azalea flower.

We planted this plant when we moved into our home many years ago and it had never once produced any flowers until that day his beautiful spirit left his body. When I read about the color orange, it described his personality perfectly. With love and blessings to you. Hello Karyn, What beautiful synchronicities. I love your ability as a storyteller. It is fun too to put a face to your name and have you here with us. They will take small birds on occasion, but not when other easier prey such as rodents are available. All that aside, it sounds like your backyard is filled with miracles connecting you with your husband. I look forward to staying in touch and hearing more as your journey continues.

I just posted my comment and then saw, to my alarm, that a picture of me appeared! I recently signed up for an online course and set up this photo. However, not being the slightest bit technologically competent I had no idea it would show up in other places. Stacey, I just ordered your book and very excited to read more about the Red Tail Hawk. One sighting my husband and I were driving in the car and there was a Red Tail Hawk flying along side the car in fact if my husband would have reached his hand out the window I do believe he would have been able to actually touch the tail of this hawk. I know that there is a message here, I am not sure what it meant, could you please share your thoughts?

I am and have always been a very spiritual person and am seeking more insight, my Great, Great, Great Grandfather was full blooded Native American and I have been blessed through my Grandmother to have learned some of the ways…. Lucky you! I double-checked and we do not have a black tailed hawk here in the United States. The hawk you may be speaking of could either be a zone-tailed hawk or a common black hawk, but both species are not found in TN. So what does that mean? You could have easily seen a dark morph immature red-tailed hawk that had a very dark brown tail or a dark morph adult with a very dark red tail.

Always when the identification of an animal is uncertain, I go to the overall qualities of the group in this case hawks and gather information from there. Vision and soaring high come in. I find it interesting that both were black. The color black relates to the great mystery, the void, and potential. Your vision may have been capturing up the potential for transformation in your life. The message itself may still be moving through from the void, thus the reason for a yet uncertain answer.

I look forward to hearing what you think of Gracious Wild and to staying in touch. I love this article! I was searching trying to find out if the red tailed hawk was my spirit animal. I live in Southern Illinois and see them a lot. Every time I see one, I am thankful and know its a good omen, especially when they are still and perched somewhere. Not long ago, a co worker and I were standing outside where we work, chatting, and it looked like it started snowing. We looked up and there above my head on a lamppost was a red tailed hawk eating a baby robin. Why would a wild animal be so close to two people? I like to think she chose that place because she knew she would be safe by me. What a lovely story Lori. It is so amazing how the animals are willing to offer us a window into their world.

It truly is a gift. I am grateful that you are the beneficiary of such a gift and that you are able to take it in in all its beauty. Hello, In the past few years I have observed many animal signs. When I see an unusual animal sign, I take it as a sign for me and try to learn. I became over zealous in that I was looking for them constantly. In February I went to the woods where the red tails nest to look for hawk feathers. I walked up on a slaughtered Red Hawk. One foot, one wing and the head was left.

This really upset me and I took it as a sign to quit looking for animal signs and just let them happen. I did quit too completely. I took some sage and tobacco to where the hawk died and sat down in a funk. Then yesterday a Red Hawk flew low over me carrying a snake. Then today a Red hawk flew right over me even lower carrying a snake. Only then did it dawn on me that the red hawk might be trying to tell me something. Is it eliminating evil in myself and the world? The animal signs I have seen are always correct! Hello Silvertip, What an interesting story you share, and, to be honest, one that is not too unfamiliar to me.

Sometimes we can get obsessive compulsive with finding meaning in everything. Taking a break, like you did, and just appreciating the beauty for the beauty and moving away from it all having to be a message for you, was a clever move. There is something deeper and richer that moves into that space we create. After that break all messages have 1,, meanings and all are beautiful as they are.

All messages are meant specifically for us and all are completely impersonal. Both are true. It sounds like the hawk was showing how you hold your own transformation snake in your hands in regard to this. When we look at the snake as being temptation evil , it could be having the temptation to obsess in hand too. Blessings to you for listening to the animals in whatever capacity calls you and for following your inner compass. Sincerely, Stacey. Thank you for your information and inspiring insight! I am newly spiritually awakening and learning and experiencing much growth and frustrating setbacks too. For months I have been reflecting about spirit animals and asking for help in revealing any animal guides.

I have a strong affinity for animals but had not felt a strong sense of type of spirit animal presence. I explored types of sage and got distracted looking at sage uses for smudging, Native American customs and was wondering about types of feathers used. As I was reading, I thought about a red tail hawk nesting in our woods who circled over my head a few weeks ago while I was mowing. When I stopped the mower to pick up branches near the meadow and creek on the lower part of our farm, the hawk circled lower and screeched multiple times.

I also thought about the pair of Eagles in our hay field last fall that were feeding on a groundhog that was mowed over. I couldnt find information about types of feathers used for smudging and gave up. The next morning along our lane was a dead red tail hawk. One of his talons was burned off half up his leg. He was laying below the power lines next to a pole. It was distressing to see but I also felt this might be a sign. I took some of his feathers, gave thanks for his sacrifice and contact and returned him to the earth in a nice spot on our farm. I still have mixed feelings. Should I have kept the feathers? Am I reading too much into this? I would like to know your thoughts on this circumstance. Greetings, It is important to remember that the natural world and spirit world can teach us as much as books, workshops and gurus.

Your story is a lovely example of how we can be shown many things when we stop to watch. There is no right or wrong thing to do when you find the remains of an animal, especially when you have the respect to stop and honor its passing. It is less important whether you took a feather or not and more critical that you are incorporating the encounter into your spiritual awareness. The spiritual path is about taking less stock in the physical and placing more emphasis on the unseen.

In learning to trust what we gather in the unseen realms, we learn to rely on the power of our soul. The fact the hawk was electrocuted points to a jolt of power. This power could be what the ego used for control, thus causing your spirit to get zapped. There has been one present everyday since my dad passed.. What a lovely comfort for you during this time. I am honored to be able to contribute in small part to the unfolding of spiritual support for you. About a month ago one baby bird was found at my porch in hot Las Vegas, NV. It had very few feathers but I could tell it was a hawk by its claws. Within two weeks 4 baby hawks died on my tiny property. They ranged from fledging stage to almost fully feathered.

I believe Mom made her nest somewhere on my house. One little baby did survive. I do keep my distance but he does allow us to take pictures of him. It means a lot to me that I was able to help one little baby survive. I wish I could upload a picture to share with you. Thank you for helping them! I would be delighted to see a photo. You can email it to me at: info wildgratitude. With Gratitude, Stacey. A few years ago a medium told me that my father who has passed would bring me birds. The following year I again had a robin nest in a different location. Then they made themselves known. I have 2 large beautiful red-tails living in my front tree.

I live in the city and heard that this is very uncommon. I have taken many pics because when they do perch low, they allow me to walk right up to them with zero fear and just stare at me. I feel blessed as I hear and see them every day. I have been drawn to falconry since I was a small child and wonder if this animal is my totem…. Hello Shannon, What a wonderful gift from both the robins and the hawks! Your affinity for hawks actually shows that the hawk is more likely to be your spirit animal. Remember too that we all have more than one spirit animal.

I love the posts and the heart-felt replies…I left my partner of ten years two months ago and this last week has been filled with loving emotional dreams and a sensation of feeling his presence. Every time in my relationship with him, whenever I saw a hawk, it felt like him and I was always captivated by their presence. Along with this have been the finding of so many feathers, almost every day, and I want to hear and I wish that I could hear and my heart is so confused that I am not hearing. I intention to listen until I know. Hello Carolin, It sounds to me like you are already heading the call of the hawks by looking inward and re-evaluating where you are. I do try it out to see what comes of it and on the pathway of reaching out and exploring that route and maybe talking to the person I find the REAL insights within.

The true insights are about shifts in beliefs and patterns within myself that are so very valuable. Either way, it sounds like your heart is being opened by these gorgeous beasts which is the true opportunity here regardless of the outcome. Many blessings to you and thank you for sharing your story, Stacey. Wow, I am in awe!! I have never been overly religious, and lots of things that recently happened were quite delusional on my part. Saturday, that recently past, while receiving so many signs and messages and while being fixated in a moment of great and overwhelming gratitude, I was thanking St. Kateri for all the wonderful signs she presented with in the recent weeks. I suddenly heard a thud on the floor as I saw in the corner of my eye something fall to the ground at the back door of my car where I was slowly driving and literally thanking out loud this Saint, this wonderful and loving woman.

At that sound I watched a Redtail Hawk fly up higher into another tree. Please contact me:. I have so much more to discuss with those interested in my connection to the spirit world. I am living each day in awe!!???? I will email you Vito and we can talk further!

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