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Australias Social Injustice

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In particular racism in Australia. We define social justice as the distribution of advantages within a society. Generally justice means the right thing. In social justice it just means socially everything is right and with no disadvantages. But today I'm talking about social injustice, so that is generally the wrong things that are happening in Australia. The people affected by racial acts are deeply hurt by the words or actions put up to them, and most of the time they are scarred for life. The injustice that has occurred in Australia is racism and this injustice has been continuing ever since the first fleet entered Australia. The consequences of this form of injustice are serious but many campaigns have been put forward by the gov.

The gruesome imagery of witnessing another human being lose their life , with their neck buried under the knee of a police officer for roughly 8 minutes and 46 seconds languishes us psychologically, emotionally and physically. At the same time, with the globe and mainstream media gripped in the sweeping standstill of the pandemic, BLM took to social media, unleashing raw footage of Floyd and other Black victims to signify that they were not isolated, but were the remnants of a larger scourge of racially charged police violence rippling across the country. For blessing us with your insight and passion for solutions on social justice and equality. The man was initially disdainful towards Kodjoe but after noticing that he owned one of the most opulent houses in the community, he sharply reversed his tone, adopting a more friendly and positive demeanor.

In essence, these racial attitudes undergird and perpetuate the over-policing and dehumanization of Black people and the long-standing perceptions that they are not only one-dimensional but are more likely to engage in crime. Conversely, crime is inherently racial but there is a tendency to zero in on Black related violence. But we never say white-on-white crime. Simply assigning more police officers to these crises will not solve the underlying issues. Defunding the police or re-assigning non-violent crimes to entities better equipped to handle these societal challenges will help to boost efficiency and augment the clearance rate for resolving violent crimes.

Not only does the status quo reward police officers who ratchet up the highest quotas of tickets and arrests but taxpayers routinely foot the bill for civil payouts involving victims of police brutality and even then, the culpable officers are rarely held financially or criminally liable.

Signal 08 October. Australias Social Injustice applies to fairness in wealth, opportunities, basic Australias Social Injustice, and Lightbulb Experiment. Keep Reading

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