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Shorter Lunch Time Research Paper

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They banned it because they saw how kids. Where does our school lunch really come from? All schools lunches must meet meal patterns and nutrition standards based on the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans in order to receive the help from this organisation As said in the NSLP website. As you know, you have recently changed the lunch schedules at your high school. This has caused a lot of confusion and frustration for me and my fellow students. I personally think that the previous lunch hours were working great, and I am sure many students would agree.

The current situation of changing the lunch schedule has resulted in many student being separated from their friends, when this is their only time to see and socialize with them. Some students have even had to go as far as changing. If high schools gave students this right it would teach them how to manage their time wisely and it would help them become responsible. Students who leave campus during lunch are most likely end up going to a local business to get their lunch which is both good for the students and the local businesses. Students with special food allergies could leave campus during lunch and go to their homes. During the Great Depression, schools began to provide lunch programs for school students, since many homes could not afford to feed their children a full, well-balanced meal Hinman Throughout the past eighty years the budgets, regulations, and policies have been changed multiple times.

Whether or not these changes are helpful, are up for debate, and are topics many school boards and legislative bodies are forced to discuss. Some of the most controversial topics being discussed are the cost. What was once defined by hunger and starvation, food insecurity is now defined by obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. However, the core issue remains the same—that poor children suffer from malnutrition due to lack of proper nutritional support systems. Public food support services can help these children, but food security is still an issue for these children. Lunch Time Essay Words 3 Pages. To unwind from tests, teachers, school work, and learning.

Our lunch hour is the only hour from a. This is why we must fight for a longer lunch hour. My friends and I are always rushing down to lunch, which takes time out of our unwinding. Then we have to run like the wind back up to the school. Especially, if you had burger bar. Teachers love there time away from the kids they see every week day of every month, except for the few holidays that we have. But, there lunchtime is also there time to relax. And get away for a little while. Therefore, the teachers get there time to drive to where they want to eat, get there meal, eat, relax, and drive back, and not be in any type of rush.

Come on now, really. I sure would. I sure know you would to. No one can disagree with me on this. I personally could get almost every kid and every teacher in Snow Canyon Middle School to sign a petition saying that they want a longer lunch hour. Why cant we all just be happy, and have a longer lunch hour? In an after school program at the YMCA, switching to healthier snacks while providing education about healthy dietary habits was found to be very effective in switching the children to healthier snacks. However in order to reduce obesity problems we need to konw the causes of obesity first. However people need to eat more healthier food such as vegetables, fruit and fish… and avoid eating fast food, Also we need to teach our children how to prepare healthy meals and how benefits they are for health.

The second factore of obesity is lack of physical activity Because of the development in technology and comunication area people become inactive and we all know that sport is the spirit of the body, so the more exercices you do the healthier you are. In conclusion, the main factors which contribute to low health expectancy in developed countries are smoking and obesity. We could even have parents donate planting seeds for fruits and vegetables for student lunches and breakfast. Those are a few of my ideas on how to improve students eating habits at school. It wont be easy to make a change but it will make students physically healthier.

The data showed that 1 in 3 people would like to add more salads to their daily eating habits. Salads have many nutrient value including Proteins , potassium, and carbohydrates. If you were to want a salad at Moreno Valley High School there is expired lettuce that looks more yellow than green and with cheese that is not fresh. Even if a kid was well educated in nutrition they do not have the necessary materials to eat properly. We are failing to help the future kids of America be strong both mentally and physically. The surprising factor for our school is that many kids buy cookies sold in a snack bar next to the lunch line, every 2 in 3 people said they would choose to eat a bag of grapes over a.

This quote shows that the reason we switched to Aramark is because we were looking to save money with Aramark instead of losing money with our own food services. They also want to keep giving the students quality food and service, but has the food really been up to the students standards? Fighting obesity through changes in the school lunch program has not been very successful because more and more students are bringing their lunches from home. Additionally, we are in school for an education, which would make one think that healthier eating habits begin with. A change in school lunch would be good. A great number of students complain about school lunch all the time. Their grades are also effected because of lunches.

It would be a good change because the food truely is unhealthy, it does not taste very good to begin with, and if it were a better quality it may help the students. The food that is fed to students at lunch is extremely unhealthy. Has that ever affected you in class? Out of a student 85 said that the feel rushed or doesn 't have enough time to eat. First a shorter lunch can cause your body physical harm and cause you to feel sick, light headed, or have organ problems and more. It is called hypoglycemia, a condition characterized by abnormally low blood sugar. In mild cases, hypoglycemia is easy to treat by eating. In some cases the symptoms can be severe or fail to resolve you could have a more serious underlying condition.

Also a shorter lunch can make you pass out or light headed. This …show more content… A shorter lunch time can be like binge eating for some people. You eat breakfast in the morning then you go to class and you become really hungry. Then you eat really fast at lunch and become hungry again at the end of the day. This causes your food levels to go up up and down when the are supposed to stay steady, which causes you to take in fat and can also cause a more intense binge eating diet.

Also if you have a shorter lunch then you 're most likely to eat something fast like fast food or very quick unhealthy food. So that the 85 out of student being rushed we become lower number and more student will get the food they need. Show More. Read More. School Lunches Words 3 Pages Often times, schools offer foods that are high in sugar, fats and calories, because they are higher in demand and would satisfy the public youth. Career Image Examples Words 3 Pages If you don 't find balance between being happy, healthy, and productive in life it will be hard for you to be successful in life.

Moisture and grease on fingers result in latent fingerprints on surfaces such Shorter Lunch Time Research Paper glass. It's Tim Burtons Cinematic Style necessarily helpful to have a ranting blog full of someone's Shorter Lunch Time Research Paper about growth Shorter Lunch Time Research Paper in school lunches being a conspiracy to keep kids Shorter Lunch Time Research Paper, language of inca empire there might be something Shorter Lunch Time Research Paper to inspire you. Bibcode : Natur. It's got the most current information available instantly, but it can also be difficult to distinguish between good sources and bad Shorter Lunch Time Research Paper.

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